Lenovo DB720S FC SAN Switch

DB720S FC SAN Switch

Leverage high performance and automation to simplify daily tasks with a building-block switch

New and Improved SAN Features with Gen 7


Traffic Optimizer

Optimize traffic performance across the network


Congestion Notification

Hardware and software signaling to end devices



Monitor and notify MPIO layer of link health


SAN Telemetry Data

190+ more IO, NVMe and flow metrics


Flow Learning

Automatically learn and monitor application traffic path



Tamper proof

The Core Capabilities of the Autonomous SAN


Instantly understand your SAN with actionable insights


Optimize performance with automatic behavior-based actions


Ensure reliability with automatic avoidance and recovery features

Increase visibility, actionable intelligence and simplified processes

SANnav Global View
(Optional Software)

Quickly visualize the health, performance, and inventory of all the fabrics across all SANnav Management Portals using a simple, intelligent dashboard

SANnav Management Portal
(Optional Fabric Software)

Next-generation SAN management application, architected from the ground up with a focus on streamlining common workflows, such as configuration, zoning, deployment, and troubleshooting.

Enterprise Software Bundle
(Standard with switch)

Fabric Vision provides powerful, integrated monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools to simplify administration, increase operational stability, and reduce costs.

Building End-to-End NVMe Solution Leadership

With a 50-percent latency reduction compared to the previous generation, this powerful switch enables the maximum performance for NVMe storage and high-transaction workloads.

  • Server: Performance Improvement with shorter path through the OS storage stack and lower CPU utilization
  • Storage Network: Performance is optimized through a low latency network with integrated NVMe telemetry data
  • Storage Array: Performance improvement is a shorter path through the target's host port stack. Performance improvement is optimized from the controller to NVMe SSDs

Up to 60% better
CPU Efficiency

Up to 2.7x more

Unleash Performance

Enable faster application response times and harness the full performance of flash

Increase Visibility

Gain granular visibility into SCSI and NVMe IO performance and health

Concurrent Traffic

Run NVMe and SCSI concurrently on same network for gradual technology migration

(Port-side View)

Integrated Network Sensors

  • Gather comprehensive telemetry data
  • Monitor at the fabric, device, protocol, I/O and application level
  • Streams real time analytics metadata

Models comes standard with 24 active ports and "Pay-as-you-grow" scalability up to 64 ports. Supports connectivity speeds of 8/10/16/32/64Gbps.

Power Side View