Reference Architecture: Red Hat Ceph StorageReference Architecture

  • Finix Lei
  • Jay Bryant
  • Miroslav Halas
  • Mike Perks
  • Leo Liu
2 May 2019
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Red Hat Ceph Storage is a scalable, open, software-defined storage platform that combines the most stable version of the Ceph storage system with deployment utilities and support services. Red Hat Ceph Storage is designed for cloud infrastructure and web-scale object storage. This Reference Architecture describes a storage solution based on Red Hat Ceph Storage software with Lenovo ThinkSystem hardware.

The target audience for this Reference Architecture is system administrators or system architects. Some experience with OpenStack and Ceph technologies may be helpful, but it is not required.

Table of Contents

Business problem and business value
Architectural overview
Component model
Operational model
Appendix A: Lenovo bill of materials

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