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8 Feb 2018
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Implement with Confidence

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS4200 SAN array is performance optimized for primary storage, remote/branch offices, backup and archive, and media streaming. The DS4200 comes equipped with an easy-to-use management interface GUI.

Setup is complete is less than five minutes, with Rapid Deployment and EZ Start eliminating costly and complex deployment while freeing up IT resources for other business tasks. The same interface is used across the DS Series family, allowing for flexible IT admnistration.

To achieve success, businesses require data availability at all times. Business insights, customer information, and decision making are all key components to business success. If data isn't available, it's difficult to make money. The DS4200 is designed for 99.999 percent availability, eliminating unexpected downtime that is costly to any business.

Implement with Flexibility

With extreme flexibility and impressive performance and capacity, the DS4200 helps tame your storage monster. The DS4200 supports up to 276 total drives using three D3284 expansion units or up to 240 drives (using nine D1212/D1224 expansion units).

As your business grows, consider upgrading to the DS6200 for higher performance. No data migration, reestablishing LUNs, or changing licenses is needed with this upgrade.

For ultimate flexibility, the DS Series supports replication between its new 12Gb platform and first-generation S Series systems. This enables you to move your high-performance workloads to the faster DS Series and redeploy the older models as data lakes or replication targets.

Implement with Value

The ThinkSystem DS4200 is ideal for workloads such as primary storage, virtualized resources, consolidated backup, failover recovery, and other similar-sized workloads. With performance and value in mind, and equipped with enterprise-class features, the DS4200 is designed to fit your needs now and in the future.

Implement with Security

The DS4200 supports several security features that allow your data to stay safe from hacking or other disruptors. You can populate your system with SED drives to protect your system from viruses and other possible attacks. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) assures data protection during file transfer and management. Access Controls allow you to designate certain users who can access your company data and block users who are not approved for access. These features on the DS4200 ensure your company’s data safety and provide peace of mind for data security.


Form Factor/Height 2U
Maximum Raw Capacity 1.8PB with 12x 3.5-inch or 24x 2.5-inch drive bays
Controllers Dual (active/active) with total dual-controller memory of 16GB 
Maximum Enclosures 1 node + 9 expansion units (2U12/2U24); mix-and-match expansion units in an array or 1 node + three D3284 expansion units
Maximum Drives 276 (three D3284 expansion units) or 240 (using 2.5-inch drives and 9 SFF expansion units)
Drive Types Supported (mixed per chassis) 12Gb SAS: 7.2K, 10K, and 15K HDDs; MLC SSDs; SED HDDs and SSDs
Host Ports (max per controller) 4-port SAS, 4-port FC, 4-port iSCSI, hybrid connectivity
Performance Up to 325,000 random-read IOPS/7.0GBps read throughput/ 5.5GBps write throughput
Fans and Power Supplies Hot-swap/redundant
Max Volumes per System 1024 (up to 128TB each)
Energy Star Certified Yes
Snapshots Base 128; optional 512 or 1024
AFA License/Read Caching Included
Asynchronous Replication Optional (iSCSI or Fibre Channel)
Rapid Tier HDD Tiering included; SSD Tiering requires optional license
Warranty 3-year limited warranty, 9x5 next business day, onsite

Why Lenovo

Lenovo is a leading provider of systems for the data center. The portfolio includes rack, tower, blade, dense, and hyperconverged systems, and provides enterprise-class performance, reliability, and security. Lenovo also offers a full range of networking, storage, software, and solutions, as well as comprehensive services that support business needs throughout the IT lifecycle.

For More Information

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