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ThinkAgile CP Series

Own your Cloud experience

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6 Nov 2018
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Enable Demand-driven IT Operations

Keeping a traditional IT infrastructure up and running requires complex coordination across operational silos. These processes delay the delivery of services that drive business optimization and revenue, resulting in a growing project backlog and slow project execution.

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series empowers project stakeholders with resources they can control. This all-in-one turnkey composable private cloud system provides built-in end-to-end automation.

It provides a pool of virtualized compute, storage, and networking resources that automatically assemble to deliver what is needed for your specific application. In the end, IT is able to accelerate IT service delivery, streamline operations, and improve overall execution at a much lower total cost of ownership.

Manage IT Capacity, Serve Your Business

Workloads and new business projects require dynamic resource allocation. Resources are often cobbled together as traditional data center administrators react to critical application needs. IT administrators will sometimes overprovision workload resources to prevent slow response or disruption, resulting in higher costs and less efficient operations.


With ThinkAgile CP Series, all compute and storage resources are pooled and can be assembled on demand. IT is less likely to have orphaned or overprovisioned resources that cannot be leveraged when these requests come in.

When new storage, compute, or networking capacity is needed, you can independently and easily grow the pools and apply the right capacity to the workload in question.

More Productivity, Lower Cost

IT design, delivery, and maintenance tend to be disruptive, labor intensive and slow. Hardware and software interoperability must be maintained across independently operated technology domains. Business users (e.g. application developers) often wait days or weeks to receive a requested resource.

Delays slow the pace of innovation or critical business decisions and lead to users seeking “shadow IT” solutions to achieve faster results. The public cloud is simple for a line of business user and provides resources almost immediately upon request, but unfortunately comes with unpredictable costs and performance.

ThinkAgile CP Series is easily managed and maintained — no more time spent ensuring correct firmware levels for data center components and downloading software updates. It eliminates hardware compatibility confusion and breakages. Business users will receive the application resources they requested on time, to specification, and aligned to IT best practices with consistency.

IT can consume and distribute the virtualized infrastructure as business requirements demand, providing predictable workload performance. There are no ongoing fees per workload deployment or additional software products required to unlock additional functionality, providing predictable costs. 

A Secure Cloud Experience

When business users choose to use shadow IT, the company risks using noncompliant software, and storing sensitive data outside of IT safeguards. Shadow IT may not align to a company’s compliance policies and is difficult to control.

ThinkAgile CP Series provides business users a premium cloud experience using hardware that resides within the business’s span of control. IT controls the catalog of approved application templates while ensuring security and data control compliance. 

ThinkAgile CP Series provides native micro-segmentation driven through GUIs and RESTful APIs. This secures application data between virtual data centers and applications residing within the same virtual data center.

In addition, ThinkAgile CP Series enables always-on data at rest encryption of all application data. With Guardian Edition software, CP Series is compliant with FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, USGv6, and STIG security standards.

Focus on What Matters

ThinkAgile CP Series streamlines maintenance activities and resource provisioning workflows through automation of the data center infrastructure stack. By providing an intuitive, cloud-like user interface, users are empowered to deliver their own resources at the speed of decision-making.

Through virtual private data centers, virtualized firewalls, micro-segmented application instances, always-on encryption, and customizable application marketplaces, IT can ensure users get the cloud experience without compromising on security and compliance.

ThinkAgile CP delivers the automation, user experience, and controls required to deliver services efficiently and securely.

For More Information

To learn more about ThinkAgile CP Series, contact your Lenovo representative or Business Partner, or visit For detailed specs, consult the ThinkAgile CP Series product guide.

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ThinkAgile CP4000 and CP6000 Series


  Initial footprint for MSP/CSP environments, remote sites for business continuity Mainstream enterprise workloads, mixed workload environments
Model Name ThinkAgile CP4000 ThinkAgile CP6000
Compute block

1x 2U compute node enclosure

  • Fully populated 220V power supply unit, fan
  • 10Gb SFP+ network module

Minimum 1x, up to 10x compute node enclosures, up to 4 nodes per enclosure

  • Fully populated 220V power supply unit, fan
  • 10Gb SFP+ network module
Compute node

2 to 4 compute nodes

Per node:

  • 1-2 Intel® Xeon® Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum processors
  • 128-256GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory

Minimum 2, up to 40 compute nodes**

Per node:

  • 1-2 Intel Xeon Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum processors
  • 128-1,536GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
Storage block

1 storage block

2x 220V power supply unit, 32GB memory, 4.8TB – 28.8TB usable capacity

1-5 storage blocks**

Per block: 2x 220V power supply unit, 32GB memory, 9.6TB – 115.2TB usable capacity

CP Interconnect

1x – 2x CP-I-10 Interconnects

Each interconnect:

  • 48x 10Gb SFP+ fabric ports
  • 6x 40Gb QSFP+ uplink ports

2x CP-I-10 Interconnects

Each interconnect:

  • 48x 10Gb SFP+ fabric ports
  • 6x 40Gb QSFP+ uplink ports
Management switch (optional)* Lenovo Rackswitch G7052 Lenovo Rackswitch G7052
License Options Standard Edition or Guardian Edition 3-5 year software license and maintenance (Cloud Controller included)
Warranty Support 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite services, next business day 9x5 with optional service upgrades
Support Services Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage single point of contact support
Additional Services

Bundled with the product: Deployment and network integration

Optional services: Cloud assessment, cloud design, basic hardware installation, data migration, managed services, and maintenance support services

* A dedicated out-of-band management switch is required for this solution. If the optional Lenovo RackSwitch G7052 is not used, the customer must provide an out-of-band management switch with the correct configuration.

** The maximum number of compute and storage nodes in the ThinkAgile CP6000 will be limited by the number of available ports on the CP Interconnects.

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