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23 Apr 2021
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Accelerate cloud deployment from Data Center to the Edge

Lenovo is well known for delivering servers to the industry with the #1 uptime and the highest customer satisfaction. Lenovo provides software solutions that dramatically accelerate deployment of virtualized cloud infrastructure for both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) communications networks. Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) software solution helps to rapidly deploy, optimize and manage cloud infrastructure for bare metal servers, containers and VMs.

The cloud deployment process often involves manual processes to benefit from some level of automation tools that exist. However, this process is sequential, time-consuming and error-prone. LOC-A’s end-to-end automation simplifies and streamlines manual, error-prone processes. LOC-A provides an automation platform that orchestrates the entire chain of events/tools from hardware configuration to Operating Systems installation to Cloud and networking layer deployment.

LOC-A is a solution for automating cloud deployment, enabling customers to accelerate time to value, simplify operations and be cost effective.

The following diagram depicts the high level architecture of Lenovo Open Cloud Automation.

The dotted line represents a framework for deployment and management of Cloud and NFVi/ Edge services via single pane of glass.

With support for Kubernetes, Red Hat® OpenShift® and VMware Cloud Foundation™, LOC-A automates both deployment and operations. It is comprised of a set of workload, services and runtime components to deliver end-to-end cloud solutions. LOC-A generates a toolkit to deliver private cloud for Red Hat, VMware or Kubernetes environments. LOC-A supports 3rd-party networking infrastructures, such as Cisco ACI.

LOC-A integrates with existing management platforms through various interfaces such as REST APIs. It covers all workloads that a communications service provider may deploy including VMs, containers and bare metal platforms. New workloads and clusters can be automatically integrated into the existing network in real-time. Scaling to hundreds of servers and thousands of workloads is seamless. The solution incorporates multiple types of storage clusters. Storage deployments can include traditional nodes, dedicated Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyperconverged SDS with compute ready nodes. The following diagram shows how just one runtime service deploys other services as needed.


Lenovo Open Cloud Automation creates an automated platform to deploy, optimize and manage high performance cloud infrastructure, accelerating cloud deployment. With support for stretched clusters, LOC-A offers HA and fast failover. The benefits of Lenovo Open Cloud Automation include: 

Maximize time to value with low touch deployment: 

  • Create repeatable deployment templates and configurations that can be used to further accelerate cloud and workload expansions
  • Rapidly onboard new customers with up to 3X faster deployment of VMware Cloud Foundation or Red Hat OpenShift through automation instead of manual processes 
  • A study by AvidThink shows an 81% reduction in deployment time, increasing the time to revenue by average of 25%

Simplify operations and reduce costs:

  • Activate tenant workloads in minutes. Operational automation framework reduces human errors, while making it easy to keep up with latest software and updates 
  • Easily scale across multiple platforms and users while containing expenses 
  • Built in performance benchmarking reduces test expenses 

Efficiently extend networks with an Edge friendly solution: 

  • Truck rolls are nearly eliminated from Edge deployments as automated cloud deployment becomes the new baseline for network expansion

LOC Automation accelerates cloud and workload expansions, accelerating time-to-value. Customers can leverage the automated deployment of Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Cloud Foundation and Kubernetes to reduce the time to incremental revenue. As an option, Lenovo professional services are available to enable swift initial deployments on private clouds. Lenovo is your infrastructure deployment partner to ensure that your network deployment, expansions and maintenance perform reliably.


Lenovo Open Cloud Automation software subscription is available for both Red Hat and VMware environments for 3 and 5 years, and 1 year renewal options as shown in the table below.

LOC-A Software Subscription Licensing SKU
LOC-A for Red Hat 2 socket / 4 vCPU server for 3 years with support 7S0Y0001WW
LOC-A for VMware 2 socket / 4 vCPU server for 3 years with support 7S0Y0002WW
LOC-A for Red Hat 2 socket / 4 vCPU server for 5 years with support 7S0Y0004WW
LOC-A for VMware 2 socket / 4 vCPU server for 5 years with support 7S0Y0003WW

Why Lenovo for Communications SPs

Lenovo infrastructure is built on a global manufacturing, services and support footprint, and is ranked #1 globally in server reliability*. Our CoSP and partner validated solutions are built on open standards and interfaces to preclude vendor lock-in.

Lenovo XClarity Administrator simplifies Physical Infrastructure Management (PIM). Lenovo Open Cloud (LOC) Automation offers automation and management of cloud network infrastructures.

For More Information

To learn more about the Lenovo Open Cloud, contact your Lenovo representative or Business Partner, or visit

About Lenovo

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