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11 Oct 2022
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Organizations are under pressure to maximize the performance, productivity, and efficiency of their storage investments and resources, even as they rapidly scale their environments. In addition, they need to protect their enterprise against disruptions, outages, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities to ensure continuous availability.

To address these requirements and the demands of an always-on data center, it is essential for organizations to deploy a modernized infrastructure that provides a faster, more intelligent, and more resilient network. With unmatched performance, integrated security, and automated SAN management technologies, Lenovo ThinkSystem DB Series Gen 7 products transform current storage networks into an autonomous SAN and safeguard it against cybersecurity and business-continuity challenges that threaten to disrupt data center operations.

The ThinkSystem DB730S Switch delivers industry-leading port density with 128 Fibre Channel ports in a 2U form factor. Organizations can both increase scalability and optimize space utilization. Built to support maximum flexibility and dense Fibre Channel fabrics, the DB730S Switch offers cost- effective pay-as-you-grow scalability, expanding from 48 ports to 128 ports with Ports on Demand (PoD).

The DB730S base configuration comes with 48 ports enabled. To scale from 48 ports to 128 ports, additional 24-port SFP+ PODs and a 32-port SFP-DD POD can be installed in any order and combination. The 32-port SFP-DD POD includes 16 SFP-DD transceivers where each SFP-DD transceiver provides 2 ports, allowing 32 ports available for device or ISL connectivity. With a 50% latency reduction compared to the previous generation and no oversubscription, the DB730S enables the maximum performance for Flash and NVMe storage for high-transaction workloads.

Protect Mission-Critical Workloads with Gen 7 Integrated Security

  • Secure storage traffic through controlled-access and isolation
  • Safeguard mission-critical operations by validating the integrity and security of Gen 7 Brocade hardware and software
  • Reduce the vulnerabilities from malware and hijacking attacks by hardening FOS and strengthening hardware
  • Automate the distribution of SSL Certificates across the fabric

Transform Telemetry Data into Actionable Insights to Optimize Performance and Ensure Reliability

  • Collect, transform and visualize billions of data points into actionable intelligence to make faster and more accurate decisions
  • Automatically identify and mitigate anomalies across server to storage traffic flows based on comprehensive integrated IO-level telemetry data
  • Stream SAN telemetry data from the fabric through SANnav Management Portal software for third-party applications
  • Enable Virtual Machine performance visibility and monitoring from server to storage without additional tools

Automate Actions to Optimize Performance and Resolve Issues without Intervention

  • Automate repetitive tasks to save time and eliminate human error
  • Optimize application performance by automatically grouping traffic based on device speed, protocol and behavior characteristics
  • Instantly notify end-devices of congestion for automatic resolution
  • Ensure data delivery with automatic failover due to physical or congestion issues

DB730S Specifications

  • 64G: 48 active ports with 64Gbps SWL FC transceivers (R airflow)
  • 64G: 48 active ports with 64Gbps SWL FC transceivers (F airflow like Telco)
Fibre Channel ports
  • 128 ports (96 64G SFP+ ports, plus 16 2x64G SFP-DD ports), each supporting E_Ports, F_Ports, M_Ports, D_Ports, and EX_Ports
  • 48-port base configuration; additional ports are enabled with two 24-port SFP+ PODs (Ports on Demand), plus a 32-port SFP-DD POD (16 2x64G SFP-DD transceivers), scaling the switch from 48 ports to 128 ports.
Port on Demand Options
  • 24-Port SW License with 64Gbps SWL FC transceivers
  • 32-Port SW License with 64Gbps SWL SFP-DD FC transceivers
Aggregate bandwidth 8.192Tb/s
Maximum fabric latency Latency for locally switched ports is 460 ns (including FEC).
Media types
(Brocade transceivers required)
  • 64G FC: hot-pluggable SFP-DD, SN connector; 64Gb/s SWL.
  • 64G FC: hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 64Gb/s SWL, LWL 10 km, ELWL 25 km.
  • 32G FC: hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 32Gb/s SWL, LWL 10 km, ELWL 25 km.
  • 10G FC: hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 10Gb/s SWL, LWL 10 km.
  • Fibre Channel distance is subject to fiber-optic cable and port speed.
Rack-mount rail kits Fixed rail kit is included standard, Mid-mount rack kit optional
Software Included Enterprise Software: Trunking, Fabric Vision, Extended Fabric and Integrated Routing
  • (R) Back-to-front airflow; non-port-side intake; power from back, 2U
  • (F) Front-to-back airflow; non-port-side exhaust; power from back, 2U
Power supply Dual, hot-swappable redundant power supplies with integrated system cooling fans and status LEDs. 80 Plus Gold
Warranty 3-year hardware and firmware/FOS (upgrades available)

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For More Information

To learn more about DB730S FC switch, contact your Lenovo representative or Business Partner, read the DB730S Product Guide or visit: SAN Fibre Channel Switches product page.

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