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Asset Recovery Services

Give your old technology a new life with Asset Recovery


17 Oct 2023
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Take control of your end-of-life IT assets

What do you do with your IT hardware when it reaches the end of its life? The diverse nature of IT hardware, and the value of the data stored on it, makes end-of-life asset disposition complicated, costly and resource-intensive. With the added needs for organizations to lower their environmental impact and support the circular economy, figuring out an effective IT asset management strategy can be difficult.

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) can help you mitigate the environmental impact and data security risks associated with end-of-life IT assets by ensuring proper reuse, refurbishment and recycling of IT hardware from any brand, while maximizing the potential value from those assets.

ARS offers a single-source solution for the secure, documented disposition of IT assets and data, and can be customized to address the unique needs of your organization, worldwide.

Secure data disposal and privacy protection

Organizations have a responsibility to safeguard and protect the PII they hold. But, with data at the heart of most modern businesses, it can be difficult. Failure to comply with data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR and Gramm-Leach-Bliley can result in substantial fines and potential data breach.

Lenovo ARS gives you peace of mind that the data on your old IT hardware is securely wiped off using industry recognized data sanitization standards such as NIST SP 800-88.

Lenovo specialists will develop a full lifecycle planning strategy for your decommissioned IT assets, no matter the brand, and will work with the reputed vendors in the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) industry to help ensure the responsible recycling and refurbishment of devices.

You will receive a certificate of data destruction for each device, confirming that data has been securely wiped off from your decommissioned assets.

Support the circular economy

Our global network helps you leverage a single, consistent solution and point of contact for the responsible recycling, reuse and refurbishment of all your IT assets across multiple locations.

Working with ITAD experts, we will support your commitment to a circular economy by diverting any usable elements back into the manufacturing process and recycling those that can’t be repurposed.

And don’t worry about who manufactures your equipment — Lenovo Asset Recovery Services cover all brands of IT hardware including servers, storage, networking, PCs, cell phones, and more.

A cost-effective solution

Lenovo ARS can help offset some of the costs related to your new technology refresh. By collaborating with a large network of ITAD partners, Lenovo ARS can help maximize the potential value from your decommissioned IT equipment.

This simplifies the transition from old to new through one convenient, single-source solution, and can help lower the total cost of ownership for your next IT investment.

Flexible options to meet your needs

Standard ARS Services

  • Pickup and securely transport devices from your location
  • Process after collection, then test and prepare equipment for resale
  • Recycling to ensure proper disposal of obsolete equipment
  • NIST 800-88 compliant data sanitization and disk destruction
  • Single point of contact and detailed reporting
  • Return value for re-marketable assets

Additional on-request Services

  • Remote or on-site discovery to provide current inventory with value assessment
  • Dismantle and move assets to on-site pickup area
  • Quarantine hold of assets for specified period to ensure data migration
  • On-site data destruction

Other options

  • Refurbishment and remarketing
  • Recycling of components
  • Donation to the organization of your choice

Take the stress out of IT asset management.

Don’t have a plan for your old hardware? We’ve got you covered. Lenovo Asset Recovery Services make it easy to minimize the environmental impact of your end-of-life IT hardware, ensure secure data disposal, recover potential asset value.

Asset Recovery services

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