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3D Tour: ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch (withdrawn product)

(withdrawn product)

27 Nov 2018
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Use this 3D Interactive Tour of the Lenovo ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch to see the components of the top-of-rack switch and learn about many of its key features. You can use the buttons to view various features and use mouse gestures to rotate and zoom in.


  • Use the menu at the left of the page to display different features and views
  • Click Play All to cycle through all views
  • Use mouse or touch gestures to move the model:
    • Rotate: Left mouse button or one-finger touch
    • Pan/Move: Right mouse button or two-finger touch
    • Zoom: Mouse wheel or pinch gesture

For details and specifications about the switch, view the ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch product guide.

Withdrawn from marketing: This networking switch is now withdrawn from marketing.

Interactive 3D Tour

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