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Lenovo ThinkSystem Server Comparison

Comparison Reference

3 Jun 2024

Lenovo offers a comprehensive range of servers with the ThinkSystem family, including rack, tower, edge and blade form factors. Our product line includes single-socket through to eight-socket systems, with the latest processors from Intel and AMD.

Our servers are suitable for a broad range of customers, from small businesses and line-of-business applications, technical/finance customers with HPC workloads, through to multi-national corporations with mission-critical workload needs.

This matrix provides a comparison of key features of all the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.

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Scroll horizontally to view all the servers. You can also use the search or filter functions to further narrow the results. To search: Enter a search term and click Search, or click Add Filter to perform more advanced searching. For information on how to view, rearrange and export the data, click the Help link.

For more information about the servers, click the links at the bottom of the table to view the datasheet, product guide, data sheet, and interactive 3D tour for each server.