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Lenovo Rack Cabinet Reference

Comparison Reference

8 Aug 2023

This document lists the specifications of Lenovo's rack cabinets.

Note: Only currently available rack cabinets are displayed by default. Clear the Availability filter to see withdrawn rack cabinets.

For more information about these rack cabinets, including diagrams showing clearances and key components, see the Installation Guides for each rack. The links to each relevant Installation Guide are listed at the bottom of each table.

Important: To ensure rack stability, DO NOT configure a rack cabinet over its load capacity.


Notes in the table:

  1. The Expansion Rack is designed to attach to the Primary Rack, and includes a Rack Attachment Kit (to attach to the Primary Rack) but does not include side covers
  2. Conforms to EIA 310-D Standard 19in rack specification for a Type A cabinet with universal hole spacing. 1U = 1.75in (44.45mm)
  3. Side stabilizer brackets are included to bolt the cabinet to the floor. They are needed when a single, standalone cabinet is lightly loaded. See the installation instructions for additional information.
  4. Required to attach racks together to make a suite.
  5. Increased Door and Logo Depth of the PureFlex Blue or Triplex Front door increases the total rack depth.
  6. Minimum clearance to the ceiling is 305 mm/12 in.
  7. "Shippable loaded" (also "ship loadable") means the cabinet is capable of being transported with equipment installed. Required packaging is provided. The integrator/assembler is responsible for assuring the stability of the shipped configuration. Rack Integration Services are available from Lenovo.
  8. Front door hinged on either side.
  9. Rear door is a split door.
  10. Where a rack does not have 0U PDU mounting points, with use of supplied mounting brackets the 0U PDU may be installed. Note: It may not be possible to use CMA's with shorter racks. See 0U PDU operations Manual for installation Guidance.
  11. 9363-4RX has deeper packaging. This allows a RDHX to be fitted to the rear of the rack, when shipped from manufacturing.
  12. Six 0U PDU mouting points are available with the installation of the rear rack extension

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