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Lenovo ThinkSystem RAID Adapter and HBA Reference

Comparison Reference

7 Jun 2024

Lenovo RAID controllers provide reliable data protection and performance with a wide range of RAID solutions covering SMB to Large Enterprise customers. High performance SAS host bus adapters provide easy and reliable connectivity to either internal or external storage. This document provides a summary of the RAID adapters and SAS host bus adapters (HBAs) for Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. Adapters with both internal ports and external ports are included.

How to search

The web page initially displays all RAID adapters and SAS HBAs for Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. Scroll horizontally to view all the controllers. You can also use the search or filter functions to further narrow the results.

To search: Enter a search term and click Search, or click Add Filter to perform more advanced searching. For information on how to view, rearrange and export the data, click the Help link.

For more information about each controller, click the Product Guide link in each column.



* RAID 730-8i 1GB is available world-wide except USA and Canada
** SAS HBAs support SEDs (self-encrypting drives) by using software on the server and simply passing SED commands through the HBA to the drives.
† The 4i adapter for use in the SN550 blade server only supports RAID 0 and RAID 1 because the server has only two drives. The 4i adpater for use in the SN850 blade server only supports RAID 0, 1, 10, 5 and 6 (RAID 6 only with 930-4i) because the server has only four drives.
‡ Intel VROC NVMe RAID supports Intel-branded NVMe SSDs without any additional license. To enable RAID using non-Intel NVMe SSDs requires VROC Premium which is a Feature on Demand (FoD) license upgrade (part number 4L47A39164, feature code B96G)

For more information about the RAID controllers and HBAs listed here, see the Lenovo Press product guides:

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