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Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Certified Configurations for Azure Stack HCI - V3 Servers

Planning / Implementation

5 Dec 2023
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This document provides background information regarding the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI
program for Windows Server 2022, as well as the benefits of deploying certified
configurations based on Lenovo ThinkAgile™ MX Certified Nodes and Appliances. We focus
on details of current Lenovo certified configurations for Azure Stack HCI that are based on
ThinkSystem™ SR630 V3 and SR650 V3 servers, including processor, memory, network,
and storage components available for each cluster node, including the following solutions:

  • ThinkAgile MX630 V3 IS (Integrated System/Appliance)
  • ThinkAgile MX630 V3 CN (Certified Node)
  • ThinkAgile MX650 V3 IS (Integrated System/Appliance)
  • ThinkAgile MX650 V3 CN (Certified Node)

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companion document at

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companion document at

Table of Contents

Microsoft HCI certification overview
ThinkAgile MX Series solutions
Lenovo certified configurations for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI
Component selection
Network switches
Other recommendations
Change History

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Change History

Changes in the December 2023 update:

  • Updated “Storage network adapters” on page 16 and “Non-storage network adapters” on page 17 to clarify which network adapters have been certified for each traffic type (storage, management, and compute).

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