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Bob Nevins

Bob Nevins is an Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist with extensive expertise in IT Strategy and Solution Design. His professional passion is to simplify complex technology for clients and help them apply it to increase business value. During his years in the IT industry, Bob has been a frequent speaker in Executive Briefing Centers and has worked as managing consultant, software designer, and network architect as well as teacher and technical specialist. Bob is currently a Senior Solutions Marketing Consultant focused on Infrastructure Security.

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All Documents by Bob Nevins

Lenovo Security by Design: Foundational Security from Edge to Cloud
Article, first published 2 Apr 2019, last updated 27 Mar 2024

Lenovo Storage Demonstrations
Video, first published 11 Jan 2018, last updated 26 Dec 2019

BladeCenter Virtual Fabric Solutions (withdrawn)
Planning / Implementation, first published 7 Aug 2012, last updated 16 Oct 2012

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