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CheKim Chhuor

CheKim Chhuor (CK) is a Principal Designer in the Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. He is responsible for the user experience and visual design of several product families including ThinkSystem, ThinkEdge, ThinkAgile, and XClarity. CK has 20+ years of experience in the enterprise system management space. He has authored many articles on software product review and utilization.

CheKim Chhuor has authored the following 4 documents. Click one of the links below to show just the documents of that type.

All Documents by CheKim Chhuor

Lenovo ThinkSystem V3 Server Firmware and Drivers Update Best Practices - Advanced Guide
Planning / Implementation, first published 17 Jul 2024

Collecting Service Data on Lenovo ThinkSystem V1, V2 and V3 Servers
Planning / Implementation, first published 4 May 2023, last updated 12 Apr 2024

Lenovo ThinkSystem Firmware and Driver Update Best Practices - An Introduction
Planning / Implementation, first published 14 Aug 2017, last updated 14 Dec 2021

Collecting Service Data on Lenovo ThinkSystem and System x servers
Planning / Implementation, first published 5 May 2019

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