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SD Media Adapter for Lenovo System x and Flex System Servers


30 Nov 2016
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Discover how the new 32GB SD Media Adapters can be used on the Lenovo Servers to enable the VMware vSphere (ESXi) hypervisor. The adapter is supported on servers such as the System x3650, x3550 M5, x3500 M5 and Flex System x240 M5 and can be used for local tool storage, logging, or as a bootable drive for a hypervisor.

The SD Media Adapter, part number 00ML706, is installed in a dedicated slot and supports one or two SD cards. When two SD Media cards are inserted, volumes can be mirrored (RAID 1) across both cards, up to a total of eight mirrored volumes. The use of mirrored volumes improves system availability because the server remains operational, even if one SD card fails. The RAID functionality is handled internally by the SD Media Adapter.

For details about the SD Media Adapter components available in supported servers, see the Integrated Virtualization section in the product guides for each server:

Change History

Changes in the November 30 update:

  • Added a link to the related server product guides for more information


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