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Implementing StorMagic SvSAN on Lenovo Servers

Planning / Implementation

1 Nov 2016
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This paper describes the Lenovo® Deployment Ready Offering (DRO) to implement a software-defined storage solution. The offering is comprised of StorMagic SvSAN software and Lenovo x3650 M5, x3550 M5 and x3250 M6 servers. The offering allows you to create a highly resilient virtual architecture specifically tailored for remote office/branch office (ROBO) clients and the distributed enterprise.

This solution is designed primarily for the North American market. This guide is written in keeping with that mindset. However because the Lenovo configurators are powerful enough to convert part numbers for most support geographies this solution can be enabled for use in other parts of the world.

The intended audience for this document includes IT professionals, technical architects, sales engineers, field consultants and partner engineers who plan to deploy the StorMagic offerings from Lenovo enabling full resiliency and eliminating any single point of failure for ROBO and SMB/SME environments.

Table of Contents

Business value
Solution overview
Standard configuration template and customization
Network cabling options
Systems management
Support options
Deployment examples
SvSAN Deployment
How to order

Change History

Changes in the November 1 update:

  • Minor corrections to Table 4 on page 14

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