30,000 Mailbox Resiliency Solution for Microsoft Exchange 2013 using Lenovo Converged HX7510 Appliances and AHVPlanning / Implementation (withdrawn product)

30 Aug 2016
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Withdrawn: The products described in this document are now withdrawn from marketing.

This document describes a hyper-converged solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 that is based on Lenovo Converged HX7510 Nutanix Appliances and the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). A cluster of 4 appliances can easily support up to 30,000 mailboxes using a total of sixteen 800 GB SSDs and eighty 2 TB hard drives.

This solution is aimed at medium to large sized organizations and provides a site-resilient, highly available infrastructure that runs in two data centers, each having a Nutanix cluster of four Lenovo Converged HX7510 appliances.

The intended audience of this document is IT professionals, technical architects, sales engineers, and consultants to assist in planning, designing, and implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. The solution is based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) that was developed by Microsoft Corporation to provide a common storage testing framework for vendors to provide information on its storage solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server software.

Table of Contents

Technical overview of HX Series appliances
Microsoft Exchange
Appendix A - Test results
Appendix B - Resources

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