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Lenovo ClearLink Diagnostics Demo using Emulex FC Adapters and Brocade FC Switches


13 Jan 2017
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In this live demo, Hemal Purohit (Broadcom), Tony McKenzie (Brocade), and David Watts (Lenovo Press) show you how Brocade ClearLink (D-Port) diagnostics for Emulex 16Gb FC HBAs and Brocade FC switches for Lenovo helps ensure optical and signal integrity for Gen 5 and Gen 6 cables and optics by validating the health, reliability and performance of the network both prior to and after deployment.  ClearLink allows you to pinpoint faulty cables and optics in minutes versus hours. Management of ClearLink is also seamless integrated into the Emulex OneCommand® Manager application.

For more information about Emulex 16Gb FC HBAs see the Lenovo Press product guide:


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