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Lenovo FCoE Converged Networking Architecture Best Practices

Planning / Implementation

6 Oct 2017
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This paper presents recommended topologies for use with converged networking, focusing on the use of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) with Lenovo Networking switches. It includes sample configurations for several Lenovo Networking products which can be customized for use in a production environment. There are samples using the most current Lenovo Networking firmware (CNOS) as well as the older firmware (ENOS).

This paper is intended for use by system and networking engineers working on those technologies, and who have a working understanding of Ethernet networking.

Table of Contents

FCoE considerations and prerequisites
FCoE topologies
FCoE configuration notes
Other networking topologies with FCoE
Ethernet SAN considerations
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Change History

Changes to the October 6 update:

  • Grammar corrections

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