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Processor & Memory Options for ThinkSystem Servers

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15 Jun 2021
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Certified Lenovo Server Memory & Processors. Discover reliability, performance and Lenovo quality with memory and processors optimized for data center applications & workloads.



Intel Xeon Scalable Family is the choice for the most scalable and reliable performance with the greatest variety of features and integrations designed to meet the needs of the widest variety of workloads.

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family

    ThinkSystem server platforms incorporate the new third-generation Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family (formerly codenamed "Ice Lake") to enable critical business workloads and applications. The new Intel scalable design provides significant improvement in performance, advanced reliability, scalability and hardware-enhanced security. Enhancements include higher per-core performance, greater memory bandwidth, expanded I/O, and improved security.

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  • AMD® EPYC 7003 and 7002 Processor Family

    AMD EPYC processor logoAMD EPYC 7003 and 7002 Generation Processors (formerly codenamed "Milan" and "Rome" respectively) are the world’s first 7nm datacenter CPUs with up to 64 cores and 128 lanes of PCIe Gen 4. Suitable to tackle dense virtualization, hosting and software-defined storage applications, they deliver up to 2x performance and 4x floating point capability versus the previous generation.


Lenovo TruDDR4 memory enhances and improves performance of data intensive workloads such as big data analytics, cloud and high performance computing. Optimized and qualified for all Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.

  •  ThinkSystem TruDDR4 Memory

    Memory reliability, performance and quality that are even more critical today as customers utilize greater memory capacities for Big Data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, database and High Performance Computing workloads. Lenovo offers the TruDDR4 Memory portfolio for ThinkSystem servers which help dramatically improve workload performance. New memory enhancements include a speed increase to 2933 MHz and the new Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.

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