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What's New - April & May 2018


8 May 2018
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This article summarizes the product announcements for April 2018. It also describes the new "Display withdrawn products" checkbox feature of the web site.

Change History

Changes in the May 8 update:

Server options - April & May

In April, Lenovo announced the following new options for ThinkSystem servers. Click the links to read more about each:

In May, we announced the following server options:

We updated the product guides for all the ThinkSystem servers and ThinkAgile appliances that support these new options:

New networking offerings for Flex System customers

In May, we announced new 25/50/100Gb Ethernet offerings for the Flex System ecosystem:

  • ThinkSystem NE2552E Flex Switch
  • ThinkSystem QLogic QL45212 Flex 50Gb 2-Port Ethernet Adapter
  • ThinkSystem QLogic QL45262 Flex 50Gb 2-Port Ethernet Adapter with iSCSI/FCoE
  • ThinkSystem QLogic QL45214 Flex 25Gb 4-Port Ethernet Adapter

Two new product guides describe these products:

We updated the chassis, server, adapter, and switch product guides to reflect support of these new adapters and switch:

We also updated the two Flex System references:

Operating system updates

Our operating system partners recently released new OS updates:

  • VMware ESXi 6.7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5

The OSIG was updated with the latest Lenovo support information and the latest vendor certifications:

New web site feature: Display withdrawn options and models

We've just rolled out a new function on the Lenovo Press web site: Display Withdrawn Products.

In the past, when options and models are withdrawn, we've simply removed them from the relevant product guides. However going forward, when we withdraw something, we'll hide it in the product guide by default, and we give you a checkbox to display it:

Display Withdrawn Products checkbox

Two examples you can use to check out the new feature:

Click the Display withdrawn products checkbox and the table rows and other content that describes the withdrawn products will now be displayed with a light pink background.

Notes on the new functionality:

  • When you click the checkbox, the parameter withdrawn=show is added to the URL. This allows you to share the view with colleagues.
  • This withdrawn function only works on the web version of the product guide. The PDF version won't display the withdrawn products regardless of the state of this checkbox.
  • We're only marking withdrawn options and models in ThinkSystem product guides going forward. We don't have plans to add this to older System x and ThinkServer product guides.

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