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Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 Storage: #1 Price/Performance SPC-1 v3 Benchmark

Performance Benchmark Result (withdrawn product)

21 May 2018
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The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series SAN storage delivers a world-record price/performance benchmark result.

This document summarizes the SPC-1 v3 benchmark result for the ThinkSystem DS6200 that was published on May 21, 2018. The document lists the result, summarizes the major components of the configuration under test, and provides the link to the relevant benchmark organization’s web site for details about the result.


May 21, 2018... Lenovo announced the new DS Series SAN storage in June 2017 and immediately changed the storage economics in the industry. Building on the previous #1 of Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 v3 benchmark testing with the ThinkSystem DS4200, Lenovo has now delivered a new #1 worldwide price/performance benchmark with the ThinkSystem DS6200. This adds to Lenovo’s number one position in customer satisfaction and server reliability for x86 servers, as well as the recently achieved 88 #1 server benchmarks.

Figure 1. ThinkSystem DS6200

Why does this matter?

  • The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 is #1 in Price Performance, $/KIOP (thousand IOP), as measured by the widely recognized SPC-1 v3 benchmark.
  • This performance benchmark is an essential proof point of the value of Lenovo Storage to support entry to mid-range customers who need maximum IOPs and high availability with outstanding value.
  • The DS Series SAN products are targeted to SMB and Enterprise customers and are ideal for databases, backup & archive, media streaming and departmental HPC.

The #1 price/performance result is documented on the Storage Performance Council's web site.

Benchmark configuration

The following table shows the all-flash array configuration used to obtain the #1 benchmark result.

Table 1. Benchmark configuration
Description Part number Quantity
Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 SFF SAS Dual Controller Unit 4619A21 1
Lenovo Storage 400GB 10DWD 2.5" SAS SSD 01DC462 12
External MiniSAS HD 8644/MiniSAS HD 8644 0.5M Cable 00YL847 2
8 port SAS Adapter for ThinkSystem 7Y37A01090 1
Essential Service - 3Yr 24x7 4Hr Response + YourDrive YourData 01JR529 1

Industry leading innovation

This benchmark result confirms that ThinkSystem DS Series is the #1 Price/Performance offering for Storage in the industry. For customers who are looking to get the most performance for every dollar they spend, the ThinkSystem DS Series storage arrays deliver the best return on investment.

The benefits of All Flash Arrays do not have to cost more. Lenovo’s leadership price performance using rigorous standardized benchmark testing demonstrates that performance can be affordable.

Storage performance can be easy to achieve with Lenovo ThinkSystem. Compared to other performance solutions, DS Series storage is easily configured and well suited for entry to mid-range SAN solutions.

About ThinkSystem DS Series

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series of SAN array products are performance optimized for application specific databases, departmental HPC, media streaming and production, OpenStack, and backup/archive workloads.

The DS Series comes in 3 performance levels, the DS2200, DS4200, and DS6200 and is ideal for large enterprises, remote/branch office, and small/medium business.

Each system features Rapid Technology which includes:

  • Rapid Deployment, which lets you set the storage array up in less than 15 minutes
  • Rapid Tier, which allows automatically moving data every 5 seconds
  • Rapid RAID Rebuild
  • Rapid Data Placement Engine, which optimizes performance

To learn more about the ThinkSystem DS Series products, visit the Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series product web page.

About Storage Performance Council

Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a non-profit corporation founded to define, standardize and promote storage benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable storage performance data to the computer industry and its customers.

The SPC-1 benchmark is a true appraisal of enterprise storage performance and measures total IOPS, price-performance (cost per IOPS), and total cost of ownership (which includes three years of warranty support).

SPC-1 consists of a single workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business critical applications. Those applications are characterized by predominately random I/O operations and require both queries as well as update operations. Examples of those types of applications include OLTP, database operations, and mail server implementations.

SPC-1 version 3 retains the core capabilities and requirements of SPC-1 version 1, but includes support for data deduplication, and data compression, in addition to refining some of the workload attributes to bring the benchmark more in-line with modern storage system workloads.

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