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Lenovo Networking Best Practices for CNOS: Layer 2 Design and Configuration

Planning / Implementation

22 May 2019
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This paper presents recommended topologies and configurations for the layer 2 portion of a network topology which includes Lenovo® switches with CNOS. It includes discussion of connectivity to upstream routed environments and downstream servers.

This document is intended for network architects and engineers who work for end-user organizations or for Lenovo and its business partners. The document will be most useful for those who have experience working on network design andr implementation and are familiar with Ethernet and its associated protocols.

Table of Contents

Virtual Link Aggregation Group considerations
Layer 2 failover
IGMP Snooping considerations
Link aggregation
Spanning Tree Protocol
Storm Control considerations
BootP and DHCP relay

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Change History

Changes in the May 22 update:

  • Minor updates

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