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What's New - October 2018


23 Oct 2018
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This article summarizes the data center products that Lenovo announced in the month of October 2018 as part of the "18D" release.

New Server options

ThinkSystem KCM51V Mainstream NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 SSDsIn October, we announced the following new server options:

View the server product guides that include these options:

Also updated were these reference documents:

New Networking option

In October, we announced a new 25GBase-LR long-range 25Gb transceiver for our Flex System and top-of-rack 25Gb Ethernet switches:

Operating System support

We now support the following operating systems:

ThinkAgile MX Certified Node

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes are designed for deploying highly available, highly scalable software-defined storage from Microsoft on Lenovo enterprise platforms. The ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes deliver fully validated and integrated Lenovo hardware and firmware that is certified with Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) software.

In October, we announced the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Certified Node for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct All Flash Storage with a combination of NVMe and SATA solid-state drives for high-performance local storage.

New Brocade switch models and options

Lenovo announced new models of the Brocade switches and options for them. The new switch models come with 1-year hardware warranty and 1-year firmware support entitlement, and the firmware support entitlement extension is now included in the hardware warranty service upgrades for these models.

Also, Lenovo announced new electronic authorization licenses for optional firmware features of the Brocade switches and for the Brocade Network Advisor management software.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DB620S 32Gb FC SAN Switch

For more information, refer to the following product guides:

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