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Introducing the ThinkSystem SE350


28 Aug 2019
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Introducing the new Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge server.

Change History

Changes in the August 28 update:

  • The SE350 is now formally announced and configurable. Learn about the new server with the datasheet, product guide, walk-through video and 3D interactive tour!

New Class of Edge Servers

Today, you need computing resources, and therefore servers, almost everywhere—not just in the data center, but remotely as well. However, for performance reasons, your remote data-generating devices must be close to computing and storage resources. Hence the Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge server. Its small footprint and power efficiency allow for reliable server-class performance at many Edge locations.

The rugged SE350 can handle temperatures from 0° to 55°C, as well as tolerate locations with high-dust and vibration—such as construction site trailers and manufacturing floors. It can be deployed equally well in a traditional office or branch location due to its office-friendly acoustics. The half-width, short-depth, 1U SE350 can be installed almost anywhere: hung on a wall, stacked on a shelf, or mounted in a rack.

This high-performance server, using the Intel Xeon-D processor, features up to 16 cores, 256GB of RAM, and 16TB of internal solid-state storage. The SE350 also supports the NVIDIA Tesla T4 for workloads such as Edge Inferencing, making it an ideal solution for AI deployments.

ThinkSystem SE350 edge server

Secure, Connected and Reliable

Every site is different, so ThinkSystem SE350 provides numerous connectivity options to meet your needs. Choices include wired 10/100Mb/1GbE, 1GbE SFP, and 10GbE SFP+, as well as secure wireless Wi-Fi and cellular LTE connections. This highly reliable server also offers essential cybersecurity capabilities, including key-encrypted storage and physical security features, such as a locking bezel, as well as intrusion and tamper-detection mechanisms.

It delivers the processing power, storage, accelerator, and networking capabilities needed for consolidation of traditional workloads, general-purpose applications, and Edge inferencing.

Learn more

To learn more about the SE350, see these resources:

You can also watch our video with Wilfredo Sotolongo, VP of IoT in the Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. Watch the video on YouTube. For our visitors in China, watch the video on Youku.

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Video with Wilfredo Sotolongo

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