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Analyzing the Performance of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory in Memory Mode in Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

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13 Nov 2019
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Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is the latest memory technology for Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. This technology deviates from contemporary flash storage offerings and utilizes the innovative 3D XPoint solid-state technology to deliver a new level of versatile performance in a compact memory module form factor.

This paper focuses on the low-level hardware performance capabilities of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory configured in Memory Mode operation. There are unique implementations associated with this pioneering technology. The objective of this paper is to clarify performance outcomes when this technology is used for server system memory in conjunction with system memory (DRAM) DIMMs.

Table of Contents

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
DCPMM and RDIMM configuration rules
Memory Mode operation
Memory Mode performance analysis
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