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Implementing Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory on Windows Server 2019

Planning / Implementation

16 Oct 2021
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Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is based on Intel 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology and is implemented in Lenovo® ThinkSystem™ servers. The use of DC Persistent Memory Modules (DCPMMs) enables software applications to take advantage of the larger memory capacities, data persistence and the resulting improved performance of the server.

This document shows how Microsoft Windows implements persistent memory, how to configure and manage DCPMM on Windows Server 2019, and how to utilize it in Hyper-V.

The intended audience of this document is IT professionals, technical architects and software engineers. It is expected that readers have some knowledge of persistent memory and the using Windows Server tools such as PowerShell and Task Manager.

Table of Contents

Persistent Memory
DCPMM configurations
DCPMM Status Checking in different modes

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Change History

Changes in the October 16, 2021 update:

  • Correction to a command in “vPMEM (virtual persistent memory) support” on page 5

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