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Using a GPU as a Console Display Adapter on a Lenovo ThinkSystem Server running Linux

Planning / Implementation

27 Sep 2019
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All Lenovo® ThinkSystem™ servers have an onboard video adapter to drive the video display attached to the server’s VGA port. Many ThinkSystem servers also support a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and some of these GPUs offer additional video ports (typically DisplayPort or HDMI).

GPUs on servers are typically used to offload tasks off the server CPU, including AI, VDI, and rendering tasks. Customers may want to also use the GPU to drive one or more monitors locally attached to the server, however, most Linux Server OS releases do not easily enable such local display support.

This paper provides guidance on enabling GPUs for use with local displays. The paper is for Linux administrators wishing to use a GPU installed in a ThinkSystem server to drive one or more local video monitors.

Table of Contents

Enabling a GPU in text mode
Enabling a GPU when logging in to Linux via the GUI

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