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What's New - August 2020


25 Aug 2020
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This month, we announced the several new options for ThinkSystem servers, and added server support for existing options. We also published a new paper on the new "Balanced Profile" UEFI setting for Persistent Memory.

New Processor and Ethernet Adapters

Today, Lenovo announced the following new options for ThinkSystem servers:

New SR635 and SR655 options

For our AMD 1-socket servers, SR635 and SR655, we added support for these options:

  • OCP Ethernet adapters:
    • ThinkSystem Broadcom 57416 10GBASE-T 2-port + 5720 1GbE 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter
    • ThinkSystem Broadcom 57454 10GBASE-T 4-port OCP Ethernet Adapter
    • ThinkSystem Intel X710-T2L 10GBASE-T 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter
  • PCIe Ethernet adapters:
    • ThinkSystem Broadcom 57454 10/25GbE SFP28 4-port PCIe Ethernet Adapter V2
    • ThinkSystem Broadcom 57454 10GBASE-T 4-port PCIe Ethernet Adapter
    • ThinkSystem Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx 100GbE QSFP56 2-port PCIe 4 Ethernet Adapter
  • Fibre Channel adapters:
    • ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2770 32Gb 1-Port PCIe Fibre Channel Adapter
    • ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2772 32Gb 2-Port PCIe Fibre Channel Adapter
  • GPU:
    • ThinkSystem NVIDIA Quadro P620 2GB PCIe Active GPU
  • Power supply:
    • ThinkSystem 750W (230V) Titanium Hot-Swap Power Supply

Mainstream Intel Rack Server updates

Several updates were made to the product guides of our mainstream 2-socket Intel Xeon rack servers. Updates include the following:

  • New models for customers in Japan
  • New Intel Xeon Gold 5218N processor
  • Restored the InfiniBand, 100GbE, 200GbE, OPA and GPUs that were previously removed from the product guides
  • Added VMware ESXi preload ordering information
  • New -48V DC power supply option
  • New 1.8m line cord for customers in China
  • Added details about the dimensions of the server

For the specifics about what updates were made for each server, see the relevant product guides:

New Persistent Memory paper

We also published the following new paper:

With the August 2020 UEFI release, Lenovo ThinkSystem servers with second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer a new UEFI setting for Intel Optane Persistent Memory 100 Series (PMem) called the “Balanced Profile”. The purpose of this new setting is to optimize both bandwidth and latency performance for system memory (DRAM and PMem) in two-level (2LM) memory mode. The Balanced Profile is in addition to the existing Bandwidth Optimized and Latency Optimized profiles.

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