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Microsoft 365: Is Your Data Fully Protected?


3 Oct 2021
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Do you have control of your Microsoft 365 data? Do you have access to all the items you need? The knee-jerk reaction is typically, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of it all.” But if you really think about it — are you sure?

Microsoft 365: Is your data fully protected?

Your organization uses Microsoft 365 best-in-class productivity apps that store and process business-critical data in the cloud. By placing data in the cloud, you feel confident that Microsoft automatically takes care of all your data protection needs and helps avoid data loss in all possible cases. But is it really the case?

Did you know that approximately 3 of 4 customers experienced data loss within the cloud?* Among the key reasons, user error/accidental deletion is the most frequent one, followed by retention policy gaps (thinking that something was protected that was not, actually) and security threats (malicious insiders, ransomware, malware).

Data loss could lead to disruption of business productivity, high response and recovery costs, fines, lawsuits, and legal actions, and loyalty and reputational damage. Do you have a solid backup and disaster recovery strategy that helps prevent loss of your Microsoft 365 data?

Let’s take a closer look on what Microsoft offers in terms of their shared responsibility model. Basically, Microsoft is responsible for the uptime of its global infrastructure that runs the Microsoft 365 cloud service. This includes infrastructure-level data replication, geo redundancy, limited short-term data recovery (recycle bin, no point-in-time recovery), security (physical, logical, application-level, user/admin), and regulatory compliance (data privacy, regulatory controls, industry certifications).

At the same time, you own your data. You are responsible for access and control of your data residing in the Microsoft 365 cloud. This includes data backup (a separate copy of your data stored in a different location), short- and long-term data retention filling policy gaps with granular and point-in-time recovery options, data-level security (accidental deletion, malicious insiders, evidence tampering, and others), and regulatory compliance (corporate, industry, and governmental regulations).

With Microsoft 365, it’s your data – you control it – and it’s yours, not Microsoft’s, ultimate responsibility to protect it from various threats – from accidental deletions to malicious ransomware, and to comply with various governing regulations. Don’t put your business at risk – avoid productivity disruption, fines, lawsuits and legal actions, and loyalty and reputational damage by protecting your data right now with industry-leading, readily available, quick to deploy Lenovo Backup Solution for Microsoft 365 with Veeam.

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* Veeam customer survey, 2019

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