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What's New - December 2021


15 Dec 2021
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In December, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group announced several new offerings, including the ThinkEdge SE450 edge server.

Change History

Changes in the December 15, 2021 update:

  • New Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration Version 6.3 - LiCO 6.3 section

ThinkEdge SE450

The new server for running AI workloads at the Edge.

Last week, Lenovo announced the expansion of the Lenovo ThinkEdge portfolio with the introduction of the new ThinkEdge SE450 server!

ThinkEdge SE450
Figure 1. Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 Server

The ThinkEdge SE450 is the industry’s most GPU-rich design and delivers real time insights with enhanced compute power, configuration flexibility to meet the demands of a wide variety of workloads and unique, go-anywhere solutions with a more compact, fit-anywhere, quieter form factor.

Learn more about the server with the following resources:

Note: The SE450 product guide will be published in March 2022, aligned with when the server will be orderable in the DCSC configurator.

Updates to ThinkSystem servers

This month, we extended support of the following internal storage adapters to our V1 ("Purley") systems:

  • ThinkSystem 4350-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA, 4Y37A72481
  • ThinkSystem 4350-8i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA, 4Y37A72480
  • ThinkSystem RAID 5350-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter, 4Y37A72482
  • ThinkSystem RAID 9350-16i 4GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter, 4Y37A72485
  • ThinkSystem RAID 9350-8i 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter, 4Y37A72483

Details in these product guides (and all the server product guides):

ThinkSystem 4350-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA
Figure 2. ThinkSystem 4350-16i SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA

We also extended server support of the following external SAS and Fibre Channel HBAs:

  • ThinkSystem 440-16e SAS/SATA PCIe Gen4 12Gb HBA, 4Y37A09724
  • ThinkSystem Emulex LPe36002 64Gb 2-port PCIe Fibre Channel Adapter, 4XC7A77485

Details in these product guides (and all the server product guides):

The SE350 now supports VROC NVMe RAID, details in the SE350 product guide:

ThinkSystem DM5100F named Product of the Year by CRN

Lenovo is proud to share that CRN has recognized the ThinkSystem DM5100F Storage System as a winner in the 2021 Product of the Year Awards for the Storage-SMB category.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F
Figure 3. Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F Storage Array

The DM5100F is an all-NVMe flash storage system designed to provide performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for medium-sized enterprises. It stands out as an industry-unique solution that allows customers to start with an affordable, feature-rich all-flash SAN storage array and then easily grow and adapt as their workloads or requirements change.  

Read more about the CRN award and new DM Series software enhancements in the Lenovo Xperience blog post by Bob Nevins, Solutions Marketing Manager for Storage.

LiCO 6.3

Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration (LiCO) is a software offering that simplifies the use of clustered computing resources for Artificial Intelligence (AI) model development and training. LiCO interfaces with an open source software orchestration stack, enabling the convergence of AI onto an HPC or Kubernetes-based cluster.

New with LiCO 6.3 announced this month:

  • Lenovo Accelerated AI AutoML sizing of neural networks for Image Classification and Object Detection
  • Support for NVIDIA TensorRT deep learning inference optimizer and runtime
  • Energy Aware Runtime integration for MPI workloads (HPC/AI version)
  • Expanded support for Intel oneAPI tools and templates (HPC/AI version)
  • Support for the use of IBM LSF scheduler for HPC and AI workloads (HPC/AI version)
  • Support for the use of OpenPBS scheduler for HPC and AI workloads (HPC/AI version)

Details in the LiCO product guide:


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