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6 May 2022
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Lenovo offers a broad portfolio of servers and storage from Edge to Cloud. This is a comprehensive document that contains all the servers, storage and software that Lenovo currently offers.

This document is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning about the servers and storage that Lenovo offers. A general understanding of server technology is recommended.

Change History

Changes in the May 6, 2022 update:

  • Added ST250 V2, ST50 V2, SR250 V2
  • Updated the memory and storage maximums in Rack & Tower section
  • Added LTO9 Tape Drives to Storage section
  • Updated Software section
  • Completely new DSS-G, OEM, ON DEMAND & Services sections

Table of contents

Enabling the Future
Data Center and Edge Infrastructure
OEM Solutions
On Demand Solutions
Software-Defined Infrastructure
Software for Your Infrastructure
Lenovo DSS-G
Lenovo Showcase
Lenovo Services
Infrastructure Services Lifecycle
Lenovo TruScale

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