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Using HTTPS Boot to Install an Operating System on Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

Planning / Implementation

16 Apr 2022
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HTTPS Boot is a standard implementation for securely booting a server using UEFI over a network device. HTTPS Boot is especially important for clients using potentially insecure networks outside of corporate infrastructure. Security for UEFI HTTPS Boot is provided by the underlying Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

This document provides a brief introduction to the HTTPS Boot mechanism and provides instructions on setting up the HTTPS Boot server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The paper then describes the process of using HTTPS Boot to install SLES 15 SP3 on a Lenovo® ThinkSystem™ server.

This document assumes that the reader is familiar with the UEFI HTTP Boot Server Setup.

Table of Contents

Deployment scenario
HTTPS Boot architecture
HTTPS authentication
Configuring the HTTPS Boot server
Configuring the HTTPS Boot client
Installing an OS using HTTPS Boot

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