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Modernize your SAP Landscape and Bring the Cloud to your Data Center


15 May 2023
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As customers look to move their SAP® application suite to SAP S/4HANA® to take advantage of the SAP HANA® in-memory database and have a single source of truth within the enterprise, many would like to maintain their SAP landscape within their data center. Lenovo offers a wide range of low risk on-premises options starting with the RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition, Customer Data Center Option. This option, sold and supported by SAP, delivers the value of RISE with SAP leveraging Lenovo's TruScale® Infrastructure as-a-Service offering. SAP customers can also run their SAP landscape in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment with Lenovo TruScale IaaS on bare-metal, VMware or Nutanix virtualization, or Deloitte's OpenCloud platform. All these solutions are designed so you can benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while still retaining control over your data and applications.

Delivering Exceptional Performance and Scalability for SAP Workloads

At the core of the on-premises cloud offerings are Lenovo servers and storage. Lenovo has introduced a new line of x86-based systems with 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. These ThinkSystem V3 systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and scalability for SAP workloads. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 V3 8 socket system, available in September, is the flagship offering for SAP workloads. The SR950 V3, with 480 CPU cores, will provide 2X performance over the previous generation SR950 and enable up to 32TB of memory for SAP HANA® databases. In addition, it offers new advanced RAS capabilities to ensure maximum uptime for SAP HANA in-memory databases providing better business continuity.

The SR950 V3 offers companies like Callaway Golf, who currently use the SR950 to accelerate production planning, or customers that are still using older System x3950 servers, a platform for growth. They can be confident that their SAP applications will run smoothly and efficiently, even as their data and processing requirements grow.

High-Performance Options for SAP HANA Workloads

Small and medium-sized customers can leverage the SAP Certified ThinkSystem SR650 V3, a 2U, 2 processor server certified for SAP HANA appliance and TDI configurations. The SR650 V3 leverages the 120 CPU cores and built-in acceleration of the Intel 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processors, along with an abundance of DDR5 memory, for exceptional performance. The SR650 V3 demonstrated world record performance for all three KPIs of the SAP Business Warehouse, edition for SAP HANA Standard Application Benchmark Version 3 with 1.3 billion initial records (1). The SR650 V3 also demonstrated best performance in the industry with the SAP SD 2-tier standard application benchmark in a Microsoft Windows environment, supporting 50% more SD users than the previous generation SR 650 V2 (2).

For customers needing more processing power, Lenovo has just released the ThinkSystem SR850 V3 and ThinkSystem SR860 V3 servers. Both mission-critical servers support 2 or 4 processors, providing exceptional performance, scalability and value for SAP customers. The servers support up to 240 cores and enable up to 16TB of memory for SAP HANA databases. To date, both server options have been certified for SAP HANA TDI configurations.

Optimizing SAP Infrastructure and Applications for Business Success

Lenovo supports its cloud and infrastructure offerings with a wide range of professional services.

Leveraging best practices from over 50,000 SAP HANA implementations, Lenovo can help SAP customers optimize their IT infrastructure and improve the performance and reliability of their applications. These services include installation and deployment, managed and consulting services, asset recovery and carbon offset services help customers make the most of their technology investments.

Today, Cheney Brothers leverages Lenovo Managed Services to handle day-to-day management and maintenance of their SAP application environment. Years later, they are glad they did. According to Raul Revilla, SAP Basis Administrator at Cheney Brothers, "Lenovo Managed Services keeps the SAP system landscape in shape, so we can focus on the business."


In summary, Lenovo provides SAP customers with a range of valuable solutions, including hybrid cloud and as-a-Service offerings. New high-performance ThinkSystem V3 systems with 4th Generation Intel Xeon processors, and a range of services to support SAP applications. If you are attending SAP Sapphire in Orlando, Barcelona, or Sao Paolo, please stop by the Lenovo booth to learn more. Or you can visit our SAP solutions web page at

  2. SR650 V3 supports 65,208 SAP SD Benchmark Users ( while the SR650 V2 supports 43,325 SAP SD Benchmark Users (

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