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Reference Architecture for Secure Edge Infrastructure with Lenovo ThinkEdge Servers and SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro

Reference Architecture

  • Billzheng Sun
20 Feb 2024
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This document describes the major challenges being faced by IT administrators for Far Edge deployments, in particular on securities. It illustrates details of features in Lenovo next generation of ThinkEdge server and SUSE Enterprise Linux Micro (SLE Micro) to address the security concerns in Edge deployment. In addition, it also provides reference architecture of a single node SuSE K3S server built with SLE Micro operating system on top of Lenovo next generation of ThinkEdge servers for container workload, with recommendation of security hardening and best practice of server provisioning for Far Edge deployment.

The target audience for this document is system administrators or system architects. Some experience with Linux and Kubernetes may be helpful, but it is not required.

Table of Contents

Business Challenges and Key Benefits
Architecture Overview
Enhanced Security at the Edge
Secure Hardening Recommendation
Far Edge Deployment Best Practice
Appendix A: Lenovo bill of materials

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