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Tuning Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM eServer xSeries Servers

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13 Oct 2006
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Linux is an open source operating system developed by people all over the world. The source code is freely available and can be used under the GNU General Public License. The operating system is made available to users in the form of distributions from companies such as Red Hat. Some desktop Linux distributions can be downloaded at no charge from the Web, but the server versions typically must be purchased.

IBM has embraced Linux, and it is now recognized as an operating system suitable for enterprise-level applications running on IBM eServer xSeries servers. Most enterprise applications are now available on Linux as well as Microsoft Windows, including file and print servers, database servers, Web servers, and collaboration and mail servers.

With use in an enterprise-class server comes the need to monitor performance and, when necessary, tune the server to remove bottlenecks that affect users. This IBM Redpaper describes the methods you can use to tune Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, tools you can use to monitor and analyze server performance, and key tuning parameters for specific server applications. The purpose of this book is to understand, analyze, and tune the Linux operating system for the IBM eServer xSeries platform to yield superior performance for any type of application you plan to run on these systems. We focus on IBM xSeries systems, but most of our suggestions apply just as well to the other IBM eServer platforms.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Understanding Linux Performance
Chapter 2. Monitoring tools
Chapter 3. Tuning the operating system
Chapter 4. Analyzing performance bottlenecks
Chapter 5. Tuning Apache
Chapter 6. Tuning database servers
Chapter 7. Tuning LDAP
Chapter 8. Tuning Lotus Domino

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