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Introducing Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 on IBM eServer xSeries Servers

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15 Nov 2004
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Businesses continually seek ways to reduce cost and risk while increasing quality and agility in their IT infrastructure. Virtualization is a key enabling technology that businesses can use to achieve these business benefits. With virtualization technology, clients run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single physical server, improving hardware efficiency, reducing IT costs, and increasing administrator productivity.

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 hosted on Windows Server 2003 and IBM eServer xSeries servers uses virtualization technology to deliver the performance necessary for completing time-saving and cost-saving tasks. It provides businesses with an an enterprise-ready computing environment with advanced levels of scalability, manageability, and reliability.

This IBM Redpaper introduces Virtual Server and describes its main features and functions, architecture, and typical uses. It also introduces the management tools available for Virtual Server, including IBM Director with Virtual Machine Manager and Microsoft Operations Manager.

This IBM Redpaper is intended for IT specialists who would like to learn about this new product and how it can be used in their environment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Product overview
Chapter 2. Virtual Server architecture
Chapter 3. Customer scenarios
Chapter 4. Management and deployment
Chapter 5. Automation

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