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IBM BladeCenter iSCSI SAN Solution

Planning / Implementation (withdrawn product)

24 Aug 2006
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This IBM Redpaper provides instructions to configure an IBM BladeCenter Boot from iSCSI SAN from the IBM N-Series N3700 storage system. Our Boot from iSCSI SAN test environment includes the use of the Nortel and Cisco Switch Modules for the IBM BladeCenter. We also discuss High Availability utilizing the Nortel Networks L2-3 and L2-7 Switch Modules for the IBM BladeCenter.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. iSCSI implementation with the IBM BladeCenter
Chapter 2. Boot from iSCSI SAN using iSCSI HBA and initiator with failover support
Chapter 3. iSCSI SAN High Availability
Appendix A. Install local hard disk for high-load environments
Appendix B. N-Series N3700 and NetApp FAS270 CPU Module
Appendix C. Corresponding switch module configurations

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