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Consolidating Microsoft SQL Server on the IBM System x3950 M2

Planning / Implementation (withdrawn product)

15 Feb 2008
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Database servers have become a vital part of the IT infrastructure for organizations of all sizes. This has been fueled by the requirement for those organizations to capture, analyze, and report on an ever-increasing volume of data of all types and sizes.

The proliferation of systems running Microsoft SQL Server in many organizations, while tactically solving many business problems, has brought with it a number of management issues and costs. This has been accentuated by the growth in importance of the regulatory and compliance controls that have imposed new demands on most businesses around the globe.

The concept of server consolidation is not new and the cost reduction benefits that a physical server consolidation project can bring to an organization are well understood. This paper explores how the server consolidation concept is best applied to a SQL Server environment by suggesting strategies and techniques that apply specifically to SQL Server. We also explain why the IBM System x3950 M2 server is an ideal platform for a SQL Server consolidation exercise.

The paper is written for the technical decision makers, infrastructure architects, solution designers, and technical managers and is positioned between a business overview and a technical user guide.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of SQL Server
Chapter 2. Consolidation
Chapter 3. IBM System x3950 M2 for consolidation
Chapter 4. Consolidation strategy and implementation

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