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Implementing Windows Essential Business Server on IBM BladeCenter S

Planning / Implementation (withdrawn product)

27 May 2009
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Medium-sized businesses today require the same level of IT services as enterprises, but do not have the IT departments available in enterprise environments. In these mid-size businesses, it is usually a single technician or a small group with general IT knowledge taking care of the network environment. Often, this group lacks the time and specialist knowledge required for planning and implementing a complete environment.

The new Microsoft® Windows Essential Business Server 2008 solution is targeted at businesses without enterprise-size resources. It enables them to use the latest technologies designed for the enterprise. Windows Essential Business Server is a solution that tightly integrates a messaging server, a management server, and a security server based on the Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 family. This solution includes the integration of Microsoft SQL.

IBM® BladeCenter® is a hardware platform that is based upon a modular chassis design. The platform is a radical departure from existing server architectures in that it uses universal components, shared with servers contained with a chassis, that can be upgraded or replaced over time. Through the use of blade-style server slots and I/O expansion bays, servers within the chassis can connect to a vast array of networking and storage options.

The IBM BladeCenter S is the latest addition to the IBM BladeCenter family. It is unique from the rest of the BladeCenter family, because it is specifically designed to be used outside of the datacenter. It is designed to operate in the office environment, operating in either a 110 V or 220 V AC power environment. It includes highly energy-efficient power supplies, new integrated storage, and the most advanced management capabilities available.

This IBM Redpaper™ is intended to provide planning recommendations and installation instructions to deploy the Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 on IBM BladeCenter S infrastructure.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Configuration
Chapter 3. Windows Essential Business Server preinstallation wizards
Chapter 4. Windows Essential Business Server installation
Chapter 5. Post installation steps
Chapter 6. Database Server setup

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