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Choosing eXFlash Storage on IBM eX5 Servers

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9 Dec 2011
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In keeping with their leadership position providing continuous technology improvement and innovation, IBM® recently refreshed the eXFlash offering to expand its capabilities. Compared to the previous generation, the new features of the IBM eXFlash solution include:

* Hot-swap capability
* IOPS performance improved by six times to 240,000 IOPS per eXFlash unit
* Storage capacity increased by four times to 1.6 TB per eXFlash unit

You can expect further expansion of IBM eXFlash capabilities for both IOPS and throughput performance and capacity over time as SSD technology improvements are developed and adopted by the industry.

The intent of this IBM Redpaper™ document is to discuss the benefits and advantages of IBM eXFlash storage technology within the IBM eX5 portfolio, demonstrate how eXFlash fits into a multi-tiered storage design approach, and provide recommendations on the most effective use of eXFlash storage within the enterprise information infrastructure.

Table of Contents

Application requirements for storage
IBM System x server and storage products
IBM eXFlash deployment scenarios

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