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Using Lenovo Features on Demand

Planning / Implementation

13 Sep 2017
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Historical reference only: This document has now been superseded by Lenovo online documentation. Go to the following page for the current Features on Demand documentation:

Almost any IT infrastructure investment that you make includes capabilities that are well beyond those capabilities that you initially need. In some cases, your environment might grow to need those other capabilities in subsequent months or years while in other cases, you might never need them.

Features on Demand (FoD) is a licensing procedure that makes it easier for you to pay for the capabilities that you need now with your System x, BladeCenter, and Flex System servers, adapters, and switches while also giving you the opportunity to upgrade your initial investment to support more capabilities when you need them.

Conveniently, these capabilities are added through a software key activation without requiring hardware changes; the features are already present in the switch, server, or adapter, and are unlocked with their respective FoD activation key.

This paper describes the processes that are involved with activating and installing the FoD upgrades. We also cover activation key backup and what to do when you are servicing a system that has FoD upgrades already installed. This paper is meant for Lenovo employees, business partners, and customers who want to better understand the FoD offerings and must purchase, install, or service a system with FoD upgrades.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Acquiring FoD activation keys
Chapter 3. Using the FoD web site
Chapter 4. Installing Server FoD keys
Chapter 5. Installing FoD keys on Flex System I/O Modules
Chapter 6. Installing FoD keys on Flex System EN4023 and FC5022 I/O modules
Chapter 7. Installing FoD keys on Lenovo Entry Storage
Chapter 8. Servicing
Appendix A. FoD Component reference

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Change History

Changes in the September 13 update:

  • Added information about FoD upgrades for Lenovo Storage:
    • Added 2.3.5, “ThinkSystem DS and S Series Storage licensing serial numbers” on page 28
    • Added Chapter 7, “Installing FoD keys on Lenovo Entry Storage” on page 151