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Lenovo System x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 Quick Start Guide

Planning / Implementation (withdrawn product)

16 Jan 2015
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The Lenovo® System x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 servers are new four-socket and eight-socket servers that deliver fast application performance thanks to an innovative scalable design and new storage technology that is designed to optimize overall solution performance. These servers are based on the highly scalable Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 v2 and E7-8800 v2 product families and are the first servers designed and optimized for eXFlash™ memory-channel storage, the latest in ultra-low latency flash storage technology.
This quick start guide addresses the preferred practices for setting up the x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 servers. It provides all of the information necessary to unpack a system and be up and running in the minimal amount of time. The paper provides insightful information from experts in the field and in development and covers the system architecture and major subsystems such as memory, I/O, power and cooling. The paper also offers a pre-installation checklist and tips on troubleshooting. This paper is intended for pre-sales and post-sales technical support professionals.

Changes in the January16 update:
* Corrected Figure 30

Table of Contents

Introducing the x3850 X5 and x3950 X6
Memory subsystem
I/O subsystem
Power subsystem
Cooling subsystem
Pre-installation checklist
Troubleshooting tips
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