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Analyzing the Performance of Lenovo DDR3 eXFlash DIMMs

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22 May 2015
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Lenovo eXFlash DIMMs are a memory-channel storage solution for the System x and Flex System servers. They are high performance, solid-state devices that are installed in regular memory DIMM slots and use the standard low-profile DIMM form factor. The result is a highly scalable flash storage device with low latency and high bandwidth capabilities.

eXFlash DIMMs are currently available in 200 GB and 400 GB per DIMM capacities. Up to 12.8 TB of total capacity can be installed in supported systems.

This paper provides a brief overview of the technology that supports eXFlash memory-channel storage, and quantifies the performance capabilities of the product. The paper focuses on the low-level hardware performance of single and scaled, 400 GB eXFlash storage devices.

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Table of Contents

eXFlash DIMM features
Product description
Technical specifications
System configurations for eXFlash DIMM analysis
eXFlash DIMM performance
eXFlash scaling performance

Learn about the unmatched performance and versatility of eXFlash DIMMs

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