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IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader

Product Guide

30 Dec 2023
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IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader for Lenovo is an entry-level compact 1U tape unit that offers IBM tape reliability, density, and performance for entry-level and compact tape libraries at a cost effective price.

This product guide provides essential pre-sales information on the TS2900 Tape Autoloader that is available from Lenovo, its key features and specifications, components and options, and configuration guidelines.

This guide is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, and IT architects who want to learn more about the TS2900 Tape Autoloader and consider its use in IT solutions.

Change History

Changes in the December 30, 2023 update:

  • Corrections to the ordering information for additional tape magazines - Tape media section


IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader for Lenovo (Machine Type 6171) is an entry-level compact 1U tape unit that offers IBM tape reliability, density, and performance for entry-level and compact tape libraries at a cost-effective price.

With a capacity of nine cartridges, the TS2900 Tape Autoloader is a rack-mountable or deskside unit that contains a single IBM LTO Ultrium half-high SAS tape drive. The choice of the tape drives includes:

  • IBM LTO Ultrium 9 Half-High SAS Tape Drive (Model S9H)
  • IBM LTO Ultrium 8 Half-High SAS Tape Drive (Model S8H)
  • IBM LTO Ultrium 7 Half-High SAS Tape Drive (Model S7H)

The TS2900 is an ideal solution if you need an entry-level larger capacity or higher performance tape backup with or without random access and for tape automation used along with Lenovo servers.

TS2900 Tape Autoloader
Figure 1. TS2900 Tape Autoloader

Did you know?

The TS2900 Tape Autoloader uses high-density slot technology that allows you to maximize available backup storage capacity by offering the nine-cartridge magazine in only 1U of rack space.

Featuring the latest LTO Ultrium 9 technology, the TS2900 Tape Autoloader provides up to 405 TB of 2.5:1 compressed backup storage capacity using nine 18 TB LTO 9 cartridges.

With IBM LTO Tape offerings that are available from Lenovo, Lenovo can be your trusted partner that offers "one stop shop" and single point of contact for delivery of leading edge technologies and innovations from Lenovo and other leading IT vendors. These offerings can satisfy the wide range of your end-to-end IT infrastructure needs, including handheld devices, notebooks, personal computers, servers, storage, networking, services, management software, and financing.

Key features

The TS2900 delivers the following features:

  • Adherence to LTO specifications.
  • Support for one half-height LTO Ultrium 9, 8, 7 SAS tape drive.
  • Native cartridge capacity of up to 18 TB (Ultrium 9), 12 TB (Ultrium 8), 9 TB (Ultrium 7 initialized LTO 8 Type M), 6 TB (Ultrium 7), up to 2.5 TB (Ultrium 6), or up to 1.5 TB (Ultrium 5).
  • Native data transfer rate of up to 300 MB/s (Ultrium 9, 8 or 7), up to 160 MB/s (Ultrium 6), or up to 140 MB/s (Ultrium 5).
  • Support for LTO 9 media specification tape cartridge compressed capacity of up to 45 TB, 30 TB for LTO8, and 15 TB for LTO7 with 2.5 to 1 compression per cartridge
  • 12 Gbps SAS interface attachment
  • Support for media partitioning and self-describing tape
  • Support for encryption capabilities with IBM SecurityTM Guardium(R) Key Lifecycle Manager (GKLM)
  • One removable magazine providing nine cartridge slots, including a single I/O station
  • A bar code reader that is standard and enables operation of the TS2900 in sequential or random access mode
  • Remote management capabilities to enable remote administration of the TS2900 through a web interface
  • Optional features such as rack mount kits and additional cartridge magazines
  • Adherence to LTO Generation 9 media specifications

The features in the IBM LTO 9 tape drive:

  • Servo and track layout technology: There are 6,656 data tracks in LTO 9 versus 3,584 data tracks in LTO 8. The high-bandwidth servo system features a low-mass servo to help more effectively track servo bands and improve data throughput with damaged media in less-than-optimal shock and vibration environments.
  • Surface Control Guiding Mechanism: Designed to guide the tape along the tape path in the LTO 9, 8, 7, and 6 tape drive. This method is designed to use the surface of the tape, rather than the edges, to control tape motion to reduce tape damage (especially to the edges of the tape) and tape debris, which comes from the damaged edges and accumulation in the head area.
  • Robust drive components optimized for automation environments: With the most robust components available, steel ball bearings in loader, robust leader block design, and single circuit card, the drives offer enhanced reliability and prolonged life.
  • Separate writing of multiple filemarks: This is designed to cause any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first. 
  • LTO Data Compression (LTO-DC): The LTO 9 uses LTO-DC, which is an implementation of a Lempel-Ziv class 1 (LZ-1) data compression algorithm. LTO-DC is an extension of Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (ALDC) and an improvement over previous IBM lossless compression algorithms. Patented "Scheme-Swapping" compression from IBM is designed to look ahead at incoming data and determine the most efficient storage method (either ALDC or pass-through mode) to help optimize data compression and increase data throughput. The compressed ratio is up to 2.5 to 1 for LTO 9.
  • LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM): Contained within the LTO data cartridge is the LTO-CM, which is a passive, contactless silicon storage device that is physically a part of the cartridge. The LTO-CM is designed to hold information about that specific cartridge, the media in the cartridge, and the data on the media. The storage capacity of the Generation 9 LTO-CM is 16,320 bytes. Communication between the drive and the LTO-CM is through a low-level RF field transmitted by the drive to the cartridge.
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting System (SARS): The LTO 9 tape drive uses SARS to help isolate failures between media and hardware. SARS uses the cartridge performance history saved in the Cartridge Memory module and the drive performance history kept in the drive flash to help determine the likely cause of failure. SARS is designed to cause the drive to request a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate that the hardware has degraded.
  • Highly integrated electronics using IBM-engineered copper technology: This technology is designed to reduce the total number of components in the drive, help lower chip temperatures, and reduce power requirements, resulting in a more reliable drive. The ninth-generation drive electronics are designed to provide error correction of soft errors in the memory arrays in data and control paths.

Components and connectors

The following figure shows the front of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader.

Front view of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader
Figure 2. Front view of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader

The following figure shows the rear of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader.

Rear view of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader
Figure 3. Rear view of the TS2900 Tape Autoloader

System specifications

The following table lists the TS2900 Tape Autoloader system specifications.

Table 1. System specifications
Attribute Specification
Form factor 1U rack mount or standalone
Drive technology LTO Ultrium 9, 8, 7 half-high drives

Drive interface

The Ultrium 9 SAS drive uses the SFF-8644 connection at the drive end and a SFF-8644 connection at the host adapter end. The Ultrium 8 and 7, 6, and 5 SAS drives use the SFF-8088 connection at the drive end and the SFF-8088 or SFF-8470 connection at the host adapter end.

Number of drives 1
Number of cartridge slots 9
Cartridge capacity (native / compressed)
  • LTO 9 (L9): 18 TB/ 45 TB*
  • LTO 8 (L8): 12 TB / 30 TB*
  • LTO 7 initialized LTO 8 Type M (M8): 9 TB / 22.5 TB*
  • LTO 7 (L7): 6 TB / 15 TB*
  • LTO 6 (L6): 2.5 TB / 6.25 TB*
  • LTO 5 (L5): 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB compressed**
Total backup capacity (native / compressed)
  • LTO 9 (L9): Up to 162 TB / up to 405 TB*
  • LTO 8 (L8): Up to 108 TB / up to 270 TB*
  • LTO 7 (M8): Up to 81 TB / up to 202.5 TB*
  • LTO 7 (L7): Up to 54 TB / up to 135 TB*
  • LTO 6 (L6): Up to 22.5 TB / up to 56.25 TB*
  • LTO 5 (L5): Up to 13.5 TB / up to 27.0 TB**
Data transfer rate (native / compressed)
  • LTO 9: Up to 300 MB/s up to 750 MB/s*
  • LTO 8: Up to 300 MB/s / up to 750 MB/s*
  • LTO 7: Up to 300 MB/s / up to 750 MB/s*
  • LTO 6: Up to 160 MB/s / up to 400 MB/s*
  • LTO 5: Up to 140 MB/s / up to 280 MB/s**
Software features Transparent LTO encryption (optional).
Security features Secure Socket Layer (SSL), user level security, LTO encryption (optional).
Management interfaces
  • Operator panel
  • 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port (UTP, RJ-45) for remote management: Web-based GUI; SNMP and email notifications
Cooling Fixed internal fans
Power supply One 82 W AC fixed power supply with IEC 320-C14 power connector
Hot-swap parts None
Dimensions Height: 44 mm (1.7 in.); width: 483 mm (19.0 in.), depth: 850 mm (33.5 in.)
Weight 13 kg (28.7 lb)
Warranty One-year customer-replaceable unit and onsite warranty with 9x5 next business day terms.
Service and support Optional warranty service upgrades are available through Lenovo Services: 24x7 coverage, 2-hour or 4-hour response time, committed repair (select countries), up to 5 years of warranty extension, installation services.
Host operating systems Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). For a full list of supported operating systems, refer to the System Storage Interoperation Center

* With 2.5:1 compression ratio
* With 2:1 compression ratio


The following table lists the ordering information for the TS2900 Tape Autoloader models.

Table 2. TS2900 models
Description Part number Machine Type-Model Feature code
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LTO9 HH SAS 6171S9R 6171-S9H BLVX
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LTO8 HH SAS 6171S8R 6171-S8H B1EU
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LTO7 HH SAS 6171S7R 6171-S7H ATNY
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LTO6 HH SAS 6171S6R 6171-S6H AS5V
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LTO5 HH SAS 6171S5R 6171-S5H AS5U

The part numbers for the TS2900 Tape Autoloader models include the following items:

  • One TS2900 Tape Autoloader with the half-height LTO SAS tape drive (LTO 9, LTO 8, LTO 7) and with the Bar Code Reader
  • One removable nine-cartridge magazine
  • One universal cleaning cartridge
  • Documentation package

Configuration notes:

  • Rack mount kit or standalone installation kit are not included; one of the kits must be ordered with the TS2900 unit (for ordering information, see the following table).
  • Rack mount kit includes one 10A/100-250V, C13 to IEC 320-C14 Rack Power Cable, and a line cord also can be ordered, if needed (for ordering information, see Power cables).
  • Standalone kit does not include a power cable; it must be ordered with the TS2900 unit (for ordering information, see Power cables).

The following table lists the rack mount and stand-alone (deskside) kits for the TS2900 unit (one of the kits must be ordered with the autoloader).

Table 3. Rack mount and standalone kits
Description Part number Feature code Maximum quantity
6171 Rack Mount Kit 00NA013 7006 1
6171 Deskside Covers 00NA015 AS1D 1

A SAS cable is required to attach an LTO Ultrium SAS Tape Drive to a SAS host adapter.

The SAS Half-High tape drives that are installed into the TS2900 tape autoloader come with either one SFF-8644 interface for model S9H or one SFF-8088 interface for all other models. This interface is on the rear of the TS2900, above the power connection. on the back of the TS2900 tape drive. Verify that the HBA of your server is supported. Check the IBM interoperability matrix at the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC).

The following table lists the supported cable options for the TS2900 Tape Autoloader with an LTO9 tape drive installed.

Table 4. SAS cables for LTO9
Description Part number Feature code Maximum quantity
SAS connectivity cables: Mini-SAS HD (HBA SFF-8644 host) to Mini-SAS HD (HBA SFF-8644 tape drive)
3 m Mini-SAS HD/Mini-SAS HD 1x Cable
(from HBA with SFF-8644 to tape drive (LTO-9) with SFF-8644)
02JH830 BLW3 1
1.5 m Mini-SAS HD/Mini-SAS HD 1x Cable
(from HBA with SFF-8644 to tape drive (LTO-9) with SFF-8644)
02JH831 BLW4 1
SAS connectivity cables: Mini-SAS HD (HBA SFF-8644 host) to Mini-SAS (HBA SFF-8088 tape)
4m Mini-SAS HD/Mini-SAS 1X Cable
(from tape drive (LTO-9) with SFF-8644 to HBA with SFF-8088).
00NV419 AS10 1

The following table lists the supported cable options for the TS2900 Tape Autoloader with an LTO8 or earlier tape drive installed.

Table 5. SAS cables for LTO8 and LTO7
Description Part number Feature code Maximum quantity
SAS connectivity cables: SAS (SFF-8470 host) to Mini-SAS (SFF-8088 tape)
2 m SAS/Mini-SAS 1x Cable (host SFF-8470 to target SFF-8088) 00NA007 5402 1
SAS connectivity cables: Mini-SAS (SFF-8088 host) to Mini-SAS (SFF-8088 tape)
2 m Mini-SAS/Mini-SAS 1x Cable (host SFF-8088 to target SFF-8088) 00NA009 AS0Z 1
Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS Cable (5.5 m) 00NV418 AS11 1*
SAS connectivity cables: Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8644 host) to Mini-SAS (SFF-8088 tape)
HD-SAS Cable to Mini-SAS (4 m) 00NV419 AS10 1

* Not supported with the TS2900 with the LTO 8 tape drive.

Tape media

The TS2900 ships with one removable tape magazine with nine cartridge slots that include a single I/O station (if enabled). Extra removable tape magazines can be ordered with the TS2900, if needed.

The following table lists tape media options and extra magazines that can be ordered for the TS2900.

Table 6. Tape media and extra magazines
Description Part number Feature code Supported tape drive types
Cleaning cartridge
Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge (universal) 00NA017 AS1E All drives
Data cartridges
Ultrium 9 Data Cartridges 5-Pack 02JH833 BLW1 LTO 9
Ultrium 9 Data Cartridge (single) 02JH834 BLW2 LTO 9
Ultrium 8 Data Cartridges 5-Pack 01KP955 B1EW LTO 9, LTO 8
LTO M8 Uninitialized Data Cartridges 5-Pack 02JH005 B5XL LTO 8
Ultrium 7 Data Cartridges 5-Pack 00WF771 ATNZ LTO 8, LTO 7
Ultrium 6 Data Cartridges 5-Pack 00NA025 AS24 LTO 7, LTO 6
Optional magazines
6171 Additional Tape Magazine 00NA019 AS1K All drives

LTO Ultrium tape drives support the following backward compatibility for the previous generations of tape media:

  • LTO 9 Tape Drives can read and write LTO 9 and LTO 8 data cartridges.
  • LTO 8 tape drives can read and write LTO 8, LTO 7, and LTO 7 initialized LTO 8 Type M data cartridges.
  • LTO 7 tape drives can read and write LTO 7 and LTO 6 data cartridges, and can read LTO 5 data cartridges.
  • LTO 6 tape drives can read and write LTO 6 and LTO 5 data cartridges, and can read LTO 4 data cartridges.

Configuration notes:

  • A 5-Pack of the Ultrium 9, 8 or 7 Data Cartridges includes five unattached barcode labels.
  • An LTO 7 initialized LTO 8 Type M data cartridge is a new (unused) LTO 7 data cartridge labelled and initialized to support 9 TB native storage capacity in the LTO 8 tape drive. Once initialized, an LTO 8 Type M cartridge cannot be used in the LTO 7 tape drives, and it cannot be changed back to a 6 TB LTO 7 cartridge.
  • LTO M8 Uninitialized Data Cartridges 5-Pack (02JH005) includes five uninitialized LTO 7 data cartridges and five M8 barcode labels. These cartridges will be automatically initialized by the tape library firmware while under the control of ISV applications that recognize the M8 barcode label.


IBM Ultrium 9, 8, and 7 SAS tape drives are encryption-capable and support the following modes of encryption management:

  • Application Managed (available with third-party software such as IBM Spectrum Protect)
  • Library Managed (available for Linux and Windows; requires the IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM)

Application Managed Encryption does not require a license. Library Managed Encryption requires an optional Transparent LTO Encryption license that is listed in the following table.

Table 7. Software options
Description Part number Feature code Maximum quantity
6171 Transparent LTO Encryption 00NA011 AS19 1

Power cables

If the TS2900 is ordered with the rack mount kit, it includes one 10A/100-250V, C13 to IEC 320-C14 Rack Power Cable. A line cord also can be ordered, if needed.

If the TS2900 is ordered with the stand-alone (deskside) kit, it does not include a power cable. A line cord or a rack power cable must be ordered with the TS2900.

The part numbers and feature codes to order the power cables (one power cable per TS2900) are listed in the following table.

Table 8. Power cables
Description Part number Feature code
Line cords
2.8m, 10A/120V, C13 to NEMA 5-15P (US) Line Cord 00NA027 AS29
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to CEE7-VII (Europe) Line Cord 00NA029 AS2A
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to DK2-5a (Denmark) Line Cord 00NA031 AS2B
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to BS 1363/A (UK) Line Cord 00NA033 AS2C
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to SI 32 (Israel) Line Cord 00NA035 AS2D
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to SEV 1011-S24507 (Sws) Line Cord 00NA037 AS2E
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to SABS 164 (South Africa) Line Cord 00NA039 AS2F
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to CEI 23-16 (Italy) Line Cord 00NA041 AS2G
2.8m, 10A/230V, C13 to AS/NZS 3112 (Aus/NZ) Line Cord 00NA043 AS2H
2.8m, 10A/208V, C13 to NEMA 6-15P (US) Line Cord 00NA045 AS2J
2.8m, 10A/220V, C13 to IRAM 2073 (Argentina) Line Cord 00NA047 AS2K
2.8m, 10A/220V, C13 to CNS 10917-3 (Taiwan) Line Cord 00NA049 AS2L
2.8m, 10A/220V, C13 to GB 2099.1 (China) Line Cord 00NA051 AS2M
2.8m, 10A/110V, C13 to CNS 10917-3 (Taiwan) Line Cord 00NA053 AS2N
2.8m, 12A/100V, C13 to JIS C-8303 (Japan) Line Cord 00NA055 AS2P
2.8m, 12A/220V, C13 to KSC 8305 (S. Korea) Line Cord 00NA057 AS2Q
2.8m, 10A/240V, C13 to IS 6538 (India) Line Cord 00NA059 AS2R
2.8m, 10A/220V, C13 to NBR 6147 (Brazil) Line Cord 00NA061 AS2T
Rack power cord
4.3m, 10A/100-250V, C13 to IEC 320-C14 Rack Power Cable 00NA063 AS2U

Physical specifications

The TS2900 Tape Autoloader has the following dimensions and weight (approximate):

  • Height: 44 mm (1.7 in.)
  • Width: Bezel: 483 mm (19.0 in.); chassis: 445 mm (17.5 in.)
  • Depth: 850 mm (3.5 in.)
  • Weight: 13 kg (28.7 lb)

Operating environment

The TS2900 Tape Autoloader is supported in the following environment:

  • Air temperature:
    • Operating: 10 °C - 38 °C (50 °F - 100 °F)
    • Non-operating: 1 °C - 60 °C (34 °F - 140 °F)
    • Maximum altitude: 2,500 m (8,202 ft)
  • Humidity:
    • Operating: 20% - 80%
    • Non-operating: 10% - 90%
  • Electrical power:
    • 100 V AC - 240 V AC (4.0 A to 1.5 A)
    • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 110 watts
  • Acoustical noise emission:
    • 6.6 bels (idling)
    • 6.8 bels (operating)

Warranty services and upgrades

The TS2900 Tape Autoloader (machine type 6171) has a one-year CRU and onsite limited warranty.

The standard warranty terms are customer-replaceable unit (CRU) and onsite (for field-replaceable units FRUs only) with standard call center support during normal business hours and 9x5 Next Business Day Parts Delivered.

Lenovo’s additional support services provide a sophisticated, unified support structure for your data center, with an experience consistently ranked number one in customer satisfaction worldwide. Available offerings include:

  • Warranty Upgrade (Preconfigured Support)

    Services are available to meet the on-site response time targets that match the criticality of your systems.

    • 3, 4, or 5 years of service coverage
    • 1-year or 2-year post-warranty extensions
    • Foundation Service: 9x5 service coverage with next business day onsite response
    • Essential Service: 24x7 service coverage with 4-hour onsite response or 24-hour committed repair (available only in select markets)
    • Advanced Service: 24x7 service coverage with 2-hour onsite response or 6-hour committed repair (available only in select markets)
  • Managed Services

    Lenovo Managed Services provides continuous 24x7 remote monitoring (plus 24x7 call center availability) and proactive management of your data center using state-of-the-art tools, systems, and practices by a team of highly skilled and experienced Lenovo services professionals.

    Quarterly reviews check error logs, verify firmware & OS device driver levels, and software as needed. We’ll also maintain records of latest patches, critical updates, and firmware levels, to ensure you systems are providing business value through optimized performance.

  • Technical Account Management (TAM)

    A Lenovo Technical Account Manager helps you optimize the operation of your data center based on a deep understanding of your business. You gain direct access to your Lenovo TAM, who serves as your single point of contact to expedite service requests, provide status updates, and furnish reports to track incidents over time. In addition, your TAM will help proactively make service recommendations and manage your service relationship with Lenovo to make certain your needs are met.

  • Enterprise Server Software Support

    Enterprise Software Support is an additional support service providing customers with software support on Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware applications and systems. Around the clock availability for critical problems plus unlimited calls and incidents helps customers address challenges fast, without incremental costs. Support staff can answer troubleshooting and diagnostic questions, address product comparability and interoperability issues, isolate causes of problems, report defects to software vendors, and more.

  • Health Check

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Examples of region-specific warranty terms are second or longer business day parts delivery or parts-only base warranty.

If warranty terms and conditions include onsite labor for repair or replacement of parts, Lenovo will dispatch a service technician to the customer site to perform the replacement. Onsite labor under base warranty is limited to labor for replacement of parts that have been determined to be field-replaceable units (FRUs). Parts that are determined to be customer-replaceable units (CRUs) do not include onsite labor under base warranty.

If warranty terms include parts-only base warranty, Lenovo is responsible for delivering only replacement parts that are under base warranty (including FRUs) that will be sent to a requested location for self-service. Parts-only service does not include a service technician being dispatched onsite. Parts must be changed at customer’s own cost and labor and defective parts must be returned following the instructions supplied with the spare parts.

Lenovo Service offerings are region-specific. Not all preconfigured support and upgrade options are available in every region. For information about Lenovo service upgrade offerings that are available in your region, refer to the following resources:

For service definitions, region-specific details, and service limitations, please refer to the following documents:

Regulatory compliance

The TS2900 Tape Autoloader conforms to the following regulations:

  • FCC: Verified to comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, Class A
  • Canada ICES-003, Class A
  • European Union Council Directive 2004/108/EC
  • EN 55022, Class A
  • Japan VCCI Class A statement
  • People's Republic of China Class A statement
  • Taiwan Class A statement
  • Korea KCC Class A statement


Lenovo provides end-to-end storage compatibility testing to deliver interoperability throughout the network. The TS2900 Tape Autoloader supports attachment to Lenovo servers by using SAS storage connectivity.

Note: End-to-end storage configuration support (including adapters and operating systems) must be verified through the System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC) for the TS2900.

Operating systems

For the list of supported operating systems, refer to the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC)

Note: The LTO tape drives are supported when attached and run from the host operating system, however, in virtualization environments (for example, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen), the tape drives are not supported in the guest operating systems.

ISV backup software compatibility

The Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) indicate support for the LTO Ultrium Tape Drives for the following ISV backup software:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced
  • Arcserve Backup
  • ASG Time Navigator
  • CommVault Simpana
  • Dell/EMC NetWorker
  • Echoleaf Systems Virtual Drive
  • Gemalto SafeNet
  • HPE/Micro Focus Data Protector
  • IBM High Performance Storage System
  • IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
  • IBM Spectrum Archive Drive Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Archive Library Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager
  • NetApp Data Storage
  • Oracle DIVA
  • Oracle OSB
  • Oracle SAM-QFS-HSM
  • Point Archival Gateway
  • Quest NetVault
  • Qstar
  • Veritas Backup Exec
  • Veritas NetBackup
  • Veeam Backup and Retention
  • Versity Storage Manager

For more information, see the Independent Software Vendor matrix for IBM LTO

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