Jiang Xiaotong

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Jiang Xiaotong is a cloud architect in Lenovo. He is focused on Cloud and Micro-services, and he has strong interest in Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has 10+ years of work experience developing software, cloud solutions, and telecommunication solutions. Prior to Lenovo, Jiang Xiaotong worked at Nokia (Alcatel Lucent) where he was the Area Product Owner (APO)/architect for Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN) and 4G RAN in Nokia. Before in Nokia, Jiang Xiaotong worked as senior software engineer for TETRA DIMETRA systems in Motorola.

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All Documents by Jiang Xiaotong

Reference Architecture: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers
Reference Architecture, first published 1 Oct 2018, last updated 16 Dec 2021

Lenovo Big Data Reference Design for Cloudera Data Platform on ThinkSystem Servers
Reference Architecture, first published 31 Mar 2021, last updated 29 Sep 2021

Lenovo Big Data Validated Design for Cloudera Enterprise on ThinkSystem SR655 and SR635 Servers (withdrawn)
Reference Architecture, first published 31 Jan 2020, last updated 28 Jun 2021

Reference Architecture for Workloads using Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series
Reference Architecture, first published 31 Oct 2017, last updated 10 Dec 2020

Reference Architecture for Google Cloud’s Anthos with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX
Reference Architecture, first published 21 Aug 2019, last updated 11 Jun 2020

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