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Reference Architecture for Google Anthos with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX

Reference Architecture

22 Mar 2023
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This document describes the reference architecture for Google Anthos Hybrid Cloud solution based on the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX VMware vSAN certified platform. The document provides a technical overview of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) On-prem, which is a containerized workload orchestration software. We will cover the functional aspects of Anthos core components including the Kubernetes, Istio service mesh, Anthos config management, Hybrid and multicloud management, and Google cloud marketplace.

We also provide an architecture overview and implementation of Google Anthos on top of Lenovo ThinkAgile VX hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. In addition, this document provides various example customer use-cases for Anthos, including Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Micro-services and Service Mesh, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud management, and Anthos Config Management.

The reference architecture is intended for IT decision makers, infrastructure and application architects looking to plan and implement hybrid cloud and leverage Google Kubernetes Engine container platform to build modern applications on their on-prem data centers, and implement a hybrid cloud with Google Cloud Connect. Knowledge of containers, Kubernetes, cloud, and data center infrastructure architecture will be helpful.

Table of Contents

Business problem and business value
Architectural overview
Component model
Operational model
Deployment Examples and Considerations
Appendix: Lenovo Bill of materials

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Change History

Changes in the March 22, 2023 update:

  • Added Section 6.1.3 Lenovo ThinkAgile VX with 3rd Gen Intel Scalable Processors
  • BOM is updated with ThinkAgile VX (3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors)
  • Removed references to withdrawn Lenovo ToR switches on Section 6.2.2, 8
  • Updated Anthos version to 1.12
  • Added high-level Anthos deployment steps
  • Updated drawings to reflect above changes

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