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Introducing the Lenovo Network Advisor for Splunk Telemetry Application

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5 Nov 2018
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Lenovo® Network Advisor for Splunk is a telemetry application developed by Lenovo within the Splunk ecosystem, which allows Splunk Enterprise to monitor telemetry data from Lenovo network switches running Lenovo Cloud Network Operating System (CNOS).

Lenovo Network Advisor uses REST APIs to collect telemetry data including switch-related system health, interface and traffic statistics, congestion statistics and buffer utilization. The telemetry dataset enables the application to provide insights into the network utilization status, and notifications about current or potential network problems, which would otherwise be unnoticed such as microbursts.

This paper details the capabilities, installation, and configuration of Lenovo Network Advisor for Splunk. The paper will allow network architects, analysts, and others to understand the capabilities of Lenovo Network Advisor for Splunk in terms of visualization, analysis, and search, as a way to achieve seamless network operations and troubleshooting.

Table of Contents

Application overview

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