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What's New - December 2020


8 Dec 2020
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Changes in the December 7 update:

Smarter Way Forward

Unleash your data to make smarter, faster decisions

With Lenovo, you can accelerate and optimize your data management capabilities, enabling smarter and more actionable insights. We provide end-to-end data intelligent solutions to democratize the power of AI and analytics for organizations of all sizes.

Learn more at our Smarter Way Forward launch page.

ThinkSystem DM5100F

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100FThe Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F Storage Array is a unified, all-NVMe flash storage system that is designed to provide performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for medium-sized enterprises. Powered by the ONTAP storage management software, the DM5100F delivers enterprise-class storage management capabilities with a wide choice of host connectivity options and enhanced data management features.

Learn about the DM5100F with these resources:

ThinkSystem DB720S

Lenovo ThinkSystem DB720S Gen 7 FC SAN SwitchThe Lenovo ThinkSystem DB720S Gen 7 FC SAN Switch, with its unmatched 64Gbps performance and industry-leading port density, provides a building block that supports data growth, demanding workloads, and data-center consolidation. With a 50% latency reduction compared to the previous generation, the DB720S Switch enables the maximum performance of NVMe storage.

Learn about the DB720S with these resources:


With ONTAP 9.8, Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series Storage enables robust hybrid cloud data management for all data types — Block, File, and now Object — all from one platform.

Preview: Next Generation HPC servers

ThinkSystem SD650-N V2Lenovo's new HPC servers drive AI workloads with GPU-optimized servers, and leverage exascale performance. Get a preview of these servers, to be available in 2021.

ThinkSystem SD650-N V2

To capitalize on the performance gains of GPU computing, Lenovo announced the ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 at the Supercomputing SC20 conference. This model adds to our ultra-dense server portfolio and features Lenovo Neptune™ direct-to-node (DTN) liquid cooling. The SD650-N V2 brings Lenovo's Neptune DTN water-cooling technology to a GPU-based system, including four board-mounted NVIDIA A100s in a 1U system, delivering up to 3 petaFLOPS of compute performance in a single rack.

Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling reduces energy consumption by up to 40% while maintaining unprecedented compute power and density. Additionally, the SD650-N V2 is designed with a common board used by air-cooled systems, allowing you to share components across air and water-cooled systems.


ThinkSystem SR670 V2

ThinkSystem SR670 V2 with support for 8 double-wide PCIe GPUsAlso, organizations of all sizes are running more complex workloads than ever before. Artificial Intelligence augments analytics, and remote graphics applications are pervasive. For the required performance boost to run these workloads, customers have turned to GPUs in the data center.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 is a new GPU-rich system that can hold up to eight NVIDIA A100 or T4 GPUs in a single 3U frame. A single ThinkSystem SR670 V2 node delivers up to 100 petaFLOPS of compute performance. By leveraging Lenovo Neptune liquid-to-air heat exchangers, you get the benefits of liquid cooling without adding plumbing.

Server drives and flash adapters

This month we expanded the server support of a number of key drives and flash storage adapters. Details of the new server support are in each of these product guides:

The various server product guides have also been updated with this new support.


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