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Introduction to Azure Arc for Data Services on Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Series

Planning / Implementation

1 Dec 2021
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Customer IT environments have become very complicated with many applications running on diverse infrastructure spread over on-premises data centers, on the edge, and in multiple clouds. With different tools and frameworks in use and multiple technologies like DevOps and Kubernetes, these IT resources have become hard to view, manage and secure. With the ever-increasing adoption of cloud services, cloud service providers are doing most of their innovation in the cloud today.

Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of technologies that allows customers to view and manage both their on-premises and cloud resources with a single pane of glass self-service portal. Azure Arc allows you to run innovative and advanced Azure services on your on-premises infrastructure. Azure Arc for data services allows you to specifically run Azure SQL database and Postgres database services on-premises.

This paper describes the use case for Azure Arc for data services on Lenovo ThinkAgile MX. It also introduces the reader to the steps required to set up and run Azure SQL database service on Lenovo ThinkAgile MX for Azure Stack HCI. This paper is for IT professionals, sales and account teams, and end customers interested in implementing a hybrid cloud solution in their data center. It is assumed that readers are familiar with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology in general, Lenovo ThinkAgile MX, and Azure public cloud services.

Table of Contents

Business problem and business value
Azure Arc for data services

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Change History

Changes in the December 1, 2021 update:

  • Updated Section 3.6 with additional steps

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